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I am Elizabeth Ellen, and my Passion is empowering you to create magical change in your life, so you have Purpose to walk your own Path with Grace and Ease. Empowered Alchemy offers a range of holistic healing modalities in Macarthur to help you achieve balance and wellness in your life.

Once you have flicked your alchemical switch from sadness and depression into optimal happiness and joy, lack into abundance and Prosperity, you will achieve unlimited success, optimal well-being, health and confidence in all areas of your life, giving you the gift of the perfect work/life balance.

Empowered Alchemy has allowed me to combine my passions for teaching art and design and empowering others to live up to their true potential, with my zeal for Hypnosis, Coaching, NLP, Mindfulness, Meditation, Creative Visualisation, Natural Therapies and Holistic Counselling.

In life coaching, my philosophy is based on the famous trilogy or pyramid of success. I believe, if you want to achieve optimal success in any area of your life, it is essential that your Mind, Body and Spirit are in optimal alliance with each other.

I believe if you don’t know where you’re going, how will you get there, and how will you recognise it when you finally do get there? You don’t have to go on this journey alone.

Using strategic NLP questioning techniques, I will help you unlock your unconscious mind, identify and banish your negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs, by flicking your alchemic switch and effectively rewrite your self-talk from self-sabotaging, to empowering, unworthy to worthy and confident, lead into gold.

You hold the key to your own success. With holistic coaching and strategic planning from Empowered Alchemy, you will decide which door to open with that key. This way, you can live the life you dream of, not just visualise it and think, “maybe someday”.

Wait a minute. Are you still wondering, “Am I the right person for Empowered Alchemy?” The short answer is “yes”! No matter what stage of life you are at, what you need to discover from your subconscious mind, or what personal or professional goals you hope to achieve, Empowered Alchemy has the answers you have been searching for.

Awaken the power within

Through hypnosis, NLP coaching, meditation, mindfulness, creative visualisation, natural therapies, and holistic counselling, Elizabeth will empower you with rapid change techniques. Elizabeth Ellen has combined her passion for teaching and empowering others to help individuals achieve their goals and live a successful life.

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Breakthrough Therapy

Confidence brings happiness and success. It is the right mix of focus, determination and research; if you have the right mindset, the right knowledge, the right motivation and the right skill... the rest will easily follow! Let Elizabeth at Empowered Alchemy help you achieve everything necessary to make you successful in your life.

By releasing all of your negative emotions and limiting beliefs that sabotage you from peace, happiness and success. Action your dreams so they become measurable and accountable goals is transformational.

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Empower Yourself To Create
A Life You Love


Achieve unlimited success, optimal happiness, wealth, health and achieve or exceed all of your goals. Learn to live the life you were born to live.

Confidence & Self-empowerment

Empower yourself to achieve your highest potential. Empowered Alchemys coaching, and strategic planning empowers you to decide what door you will open, so you live the life you visualise, not just dream of.

Work , Home, Life Balance

To optimally succeed in any given field, it is essential for the 'Mind, Body and Spirit' to be in optimal alliance with each other. Empowered Alchemy can empower you to confidently take the steps towards creating the life they want to live.


Learn the tools to live with clarity and direction to live a life filled with passion and purpose.

Create a life that allows you to thrive


Hypnosis is a state of trance, where the unconscious mind is ready to accept positive information to achieve optimal success, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It cannot achieve what you do not want to achieve....

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Energy Healing

Energy healing can help provide relief for a number of physiological and psychological conditions. After restoring your bodys energy field, you will feel more positive and energised. The technique can also be used to lower...

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NLP timeline therapy

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an incredibly powerful and dynamic discipline that enables people to re-write the mind from Negative Self Talk and Sabotage Patterning to Positive Highly Successful Empowered Processes and...

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Art Medicine

Powerful Change Techniques for powerful transformation of your Mind, Body and Soul. My soul purpose and passion is to both empower and bring healing to people, as I was born with a paintbrush in my hand: so now its timely at the...

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At Empowered Alchemy, we are proud to offer a wide range of personal therapy options, such as: meditation, NLP coaching, hypnosis, Reiki healing and more. We also have many exciting workshops and training courses on offer, including: NLP Training, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy ®, NLP Life-Coaching, the 7Ps of Success, Creating Abundant Success Magically, Creative Visualisation and Drawing Energy from The Heart, Goal Setting, Reiki, Art Medicine and more.

And, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the little ones. We believe that children have a unique window into the spiritual world, so we have designed classes specifically for them.

From Empowered Kids, Empowered Teens and more, your children will learn how to shut out the world around them, find their inner peace and achieve their goals.

We also want to help you achieve success in your professional life. Whether you are just starting your business, have a small or mid-sized business, we offer a range of comprehensive coaching programs.

You can enrol in our Corporate Values Alignment Program (CVAP), which equips you with the tools and techniques to align employees’ personal values with those of the company. The one-day Magical Transformation Team Building Event which provides insight from managers, and helps your organisation to increase trust and connection with your team.

Or, for total organisation transformation, opt for our three, six or nine-month NLP Coaching Program. I will personally coach your team, to align team goals, create a harmonious work environment, improve motivation, increase sales, instil company values in team members, and conduct an intervention for your Personal life and Work life.

At Empowered Alchemy, we are also pleased to offer fully accredited courses in a diverse range of subjects.

For instance, by enrolling in our exclusive NLP, Coaching, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy course, you will receive four internationally recognised qualifications is just seven days.

These qualifications include: Certificates qualifying you as a licensed NLP Practitioner, a Time Line Therapy Practitioner, a Hypnosis Practitioner and an NLP Coach. Register today to take the next step in your exciting career.

If you long to reawaken your inner child, try our Play and Prosperity course. You can discover where your Spirit Guide wants to lead you with our Spiritual Guide Drawing Workshop, Drawing Energy From The Heart.

Realise your true worth in our empowering Creating Magical Success weekend workshop. Learn how to live your life with passion and purpose, to create true prosperity in our 7Ps for Success workshop.

Or, enjoy a night of bliss, empowerment and healing during our ground breaking Powerful Sound Healing Meditation class. And, plenty more.

Don’t put off stepping into the life you were meant to lead for another moment. Call the friendly team at Empowered Alchemy today to live your dream and realise your goals today.


I have a great admiration for Elizabeth, she has, in her own unique way helped me to overcome some very difficult issues in my life.

The Breakthrough Therapy goes deep, without the pain of reliving the trauma of the event/s.

By unique, I refer to her as a relentless seeker of your truth, she allows you to own that truth in your own good time.

I highly recommend Elizabeth as a Healer, a Mentor & last but by no means least as a Life Coach. - Kerry M.


I have been seeing Elizabeth for 2 years for healing and meditation and for life coaching for the last few months. She has helped me to make big changes to my life. I used to be a very negative person with low self-esteem and was unhappy with my life.

Since l began seeing Elizabeth l am a much calmer and more positive person. I now love and believe in myself.

I have also started to release my excess weight, which I have held onto for many, many years. Elizabeth has changed my life for the better and she can help you too. - Debbie W.

Hypnosis Myths - Dispelling the fear of loss of control

A hypnotised person is always in control and fully aware of themselves, fully aware of the environment and completely capable of making decisions. If ‘you’ the client is presented with an idea or suggestion you find objectionable in your daily life; rest assured you will object it in hypnosis. It can only accomplish the goals you set for yourself.

Absolutely not: Only you can change your Personal Values; at Empowered Alchemy, we always ensure your personal values and beliefs remain intact during hypnosis.

With hypnosis, you simply allow yourself to enter into a state of heightened suggestion. At that point, you can 'reprogram' your thinking patterns. You are the active participant in this. If a hypnotist tries to tell you to do something that goes against your values, you will naturally reject it and jump out of your trance-like state.

In the event of an emergency, the unconscious mind’s primary objective is to protect itself. In the event of a fire for example, ‘you’, the client would come out of hypnosis on your own, immediately and fully.

No they do not – This belief comes from Hollywood. What they do have is deep knowledge and experience to help induce an ‘Alpha’ state of relaxation, and deliver the optimal message of empowerment to your unconscious mind.

FAQ - Frequently Asked

Wrong way round! Its actually proven that higher intelligence people and those who can follow instructions get the best results with hypnosis. People who are capable of concentrating and those who have active, vivid imaginations make the best hypnotic subjects.
Absolutely Not! You can absolutely never get stuck in any form of 'hypnotic trance'! There has never ever been a single recorded case of this. The state you reach during hypnosis is similar to that of daydreaming. You arere just super-relaxed. You can 'wake up' again whenever you want to. Usually that will be at the end of the session, when guided to do so by the hypnotherapist.
Hypnosis doesn't go against any religion at all, and it isn't what some consider the "occult." Hypnosis is simply a safe and natural method of relaxing your mind, and feeding yourself with positive affirmations and ideas. Hypnosis is a branch of psychology, and has absolutely zero connection to any religion whatsoever.
There have been countless studies that have proved the efficacy of hypnosis in a wide variety of settings. Hypnosis was approved for medical use in 1958 by the American Medical Association, and almost all modern hospitals now utilize hypnosis to some degree. It has a reported 90.6% success rate in stopping smoking. (The University of Washington School of Medicine.) It was found to be over 30 times more effective than regular weight loss routines. (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.) It was found to bring 'immediate' and 'significant relief' to 75% of women who used it to assist with their IBS symptoms, with 80% still reporting improvement up to six years later. (American Psychological Association.)