Art Medicine


Feel fierce and liberated, as you wield your weapon, (hands, brush, pallet knife), of creativity onto your large-scale canvas, with joy, confidence and fun.
Transformational experiences unlike any other that Ignites your Creativity.
Heal, Transform & Empower the Hero in you to Awaken and Emerge to a whole new level
For all levels – from raw beginners to super advanced.

Awaken the Power Within

Art Medicine is the alchemical elixir, to awaken the Power Within, combining a magical combination of fun, healing and empowerment, while painting on canvas.

This powerful workshop series, activates healing in the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies, through Art Therapy, Active Meditation, Energetic Balancing, Empowerment and Creative Visualization, painting on canvas with acrylic paint and mixed material techniques, journaling and poetry, with Shamanic Sound Healing using Native American Medicine Drums, Flute, Rattles, Singing Bowls and Pan Drum.

Elizabeth will gently and powerfully lead you on a personal transformation awakening the Power Within.

For us to heal our world globally, we must first heal our world individually and one of the best ways to achieve this is by connecting to the Red Thread with Creativity, Joy, Healing and Empowerment while making new friends with common values and interests.

Our unconscious mind process’s color, signs and symbols more powerfully than words, which is why Art Therapy and the alchemy of Art Medicine is the most profound healing process, and it’s so much fun, using archetypes, animals, signs, symbols, abstract, and metaphor, culminating with a celebratory Art Medicine and Poetry Exhibition evening with family and friends, as we connect to the Red Thread, where souls who are meant to meet will reconnect and form a tribe of powerful connection in our community. This is where real change and empowerment takes place.

Exploring our own internal compass, aligned to the Shamanic Native American 7 Directions, we find our True North, our Soul Purpose with Passion to thrive, not just survive. The 4 Faces of Woman add another layer of dialogue with the Divine Feminine. Yes! It is alive and well, not just for women, but for men as well.
We are now entering enlightened times and the old draconian era or materialism and control, no longer serve our optimal highest good. We now want more connection with our soul tribe, connecting to The Red Thread, through intelligent dialogue, questioning, empowerment, healing and creativity. We would like to invite your imagination to this event where we explore symbols, images, stories, expression and dialogue around the mystical and magical aspects of who we are, where we came from and where we choose to go?

What is your seed of intention?

This workshop/retreat nourishes your mind and body as you paint your own archetypal symbols, power seeds and legends that speak to your soul.

We will honour our ancestors through painting, poetry, music, nature connection and movement.

Living an integrated, harmonious life, is available through many teachings that help us build deep relationships with our ‘more than human’ world.

Creating this balanced connection is part of the empowered warrior goddess energy.

Women have always meditated and intuited how life was created through sharing stories, gathering and creating, myths, legends, recipes for life on earth and beyond.

How do we encourage and integrate this way of life into our ever-changing world, culture, economy, workplace, family, communities and tribes?

Join us to explore these deeper places and spaces of our unconscious mind with Creative Intention and Art Medicine, bringing empowerment and healing to your soul.

Reflecting if this is for you!

Imagine seeing yourself as the Lead Actor/actress in your movie. What role would you be playing? Are you seeing yourself as the rescuer, the victim or the person who feels you are too much or not enough, too big or too small, too loud or too quiet?

What do you need, to create your balance?

Where are our wild hearts and minds that connect us to our primal instincts when you are being authentic and true to you?

How do we paint the inner and outer meaning of legend and lore into our lives today, so we feel connected to our highest purpose and know ‘we are enough’?

What does the mythical union between human and earth, nature and culture, animal and archetype look and feel like?

Connecting with The Red Thread, to other souls aligned to our own values and qualities, we begin to love our own uniqueness and celebrate our individuality.

When we belong to a tribe of likeminded people who all speak the same language we become united in power through grace and friendship.

We may get tangled, but we never break.

What you will take away?

Painting energy from the heart, bringing you 5x2hours of power packed Intentional Art Medicine and Personal Transformation Workshops, plus a celebration Art Medicine and Poetry Exhibition, culminating our connection, journey and transformation. Connecting to your tribe of like-minded souls, as we connect to each other, through the power of The Red Thread.

A deep and powerful connection to your tribe, as you Connect To the Red Thread.

Powerful change and energy balancing, healing and psychic protection techniques, raising your consciousness, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Learn to paint the portrait, with grace and ease.

Become the Warrior/God/Goddess with Passion for your Soul Purpose.

Your own archetype and power animal, alchemical power seeds to bring you medicine through painting energy, signs and symbols, using mixed media painting techniques on canvas.

Deepening your intuition, bringing you clarity, sole purpose and passion for your life, connecting you to your higher consciousness, to meditate on long into the future, continuing to Awakening the Power Within you.

Supply list

1. 24″ x 24″ square stretched canvas, or another size that speaks to you. Smaller is not easier. I recommend at least 20″ x 20″.
2. My vision is inspired by Vivaldi 4 Seasons, + The Native American 4 Directions, + 4 Faces of Human. I’m seeing 4 canvases the same size to = 1 painting, so we can bring them all together to Paint ‘Above, Below and Within’.
3. Acrylic paints in warm red, yellow, blue, white, black, cerulean blue, and magenta. I use basic studio quality paints, nothing fancy, for most of my painting practice.
4. High Flow Acrylics in Hansa yellow medium, Quinacridone magenta, and Phthalo blue (green shade).
5. Photocopies of fave animals, portraits to do transfer
6. Gel medium for glazing
7. Modge Podge glue for transfer
8. Gold leaf plus adhesive
9. Paint brushes: round, sizes 2, 6, 10 with synthetic bristles made for acrylic paints, plus your old Bristol bushes for stumbling
10. A wide, flat synthetic brush for glazing
11. Pallet
12. Water container.
13. Spray bottle with water.
14. Paint rag / towel.
15. Plastic drop short/tablecloth for table and under easel if you choose to use one.
16. “ARTual” elements: journal, sketch book, charcoal, waterproof texta or pens, crystals, and anything else that speaks to your sacred, creative space.
17. Textures, text or paper serviettes for collage.
18. Templates for adding layers of pattern and texture.


I will have a supply of materials so you will have your back covered if you either can’t get them or forget.

To be provided by you:
Dinner and Refreshments
Art Materials supply list

Call us today and join us to explore these deeper places and spaces of our unconscious mind with Creative Intention and Art Healing.