Creating Magical Success, Happiness, Peace, Prosperity & Wellbeing Workshops

To change something in your life that is not working, some part of our feelings, thoughts, emotions and behavioural patterns need to change.

As Albert Einstein once said:to continue doing the same thing repeatedly, hoping to get different results, is a sign of insanity’

Imagine you are a container, and inside of this insignificant jar is a whole world of magical promise, holding your dreams, highest potential and personal power, within it. What if, all  you need to do is open the jar, connect with your magical resources and qualities already held deep within and transform your feelings of being trapped, stuck or going around again and again on a treadmill repeating similar stories and events, hoping to find happiness.

Happiness and success are never found outside of you, they are always held within you. Would you like to learn the secret to manifesting positive change in your life, to live the life you are dreaming of and can’t seem to really connect to on an ongoing and substantial basis.

Change your own personal world and you change the world we live in. Integrating powerful change techniques to enhance and empower your personal transformational experience. Including: Energy awareness, balancing our own energies, learning to manage our own thoughts, feelings and emotions, recognizing what’s ours and what’s someone else’s.

Empowering you to transform your life from Lead into Gold and realize your true worth, in one awe-inspiring weekend workshop.

Find the workshop you’ve been looking for below and book in today knowing you can never be too happy, too rich, too healthy or too successful. Find your Tribe:  You will connect to likeminded people like yourself and have the best time, creating magical success individually and together, changing our world individually and together, one workshop at a time.

NLP, Coaching, Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy Training

During these dynamic and fun filled Transformational Workshops you will connect to your soul purpose with passion to live your life 100% on your terms, empowering you to find your own Inner Gold with abundance.

The magic you are looking for outside of you, already exists within you, are you ready to create the alchemical change you are searching for and turn your Lead (negative emotions and limiting beliefs) into Gold (happiness, health, peace, confidence, high self worth) and harvest the abundance of your dreams?


What it is?

You are a magnificent golden dot in this magical universe – Let your Light shine brightly so others can find their way.

Empowered Alchemy believes in transforming the planet, and creating a magnificent earth well into the future.

Train with us so you can start your new career, or add powerful new strategies and skills to your existing career, and start empowering others to ‘be the change they want to see in their world’.

Tax Deduction

Your NLP Coaching and Hypnosis Sessions are Tax Deductible if they clearly show they are a direct benefit to your business or place of employment.

They must be:

  • Measurable, Accountable, Achievable Outcomes
  • Clearly defined SMART Goals

Payment Plans

We understand that not everyone has the ready cash to invest in a career change. This is why we have a simple Payment Plan that allows you to pay for your training over a period of up to a year.

This is not the same as Austudy or a student loan from a bank. Its better!

Here’s why:

  • If you go with a bank loan, the interest charged tends to sit at around 12% per annum currently. This could add as much as $1700 to the cost of your tuition fees. With our Payment Plan, there is no interest charged. There are only nominal monthly transaction fees. The fees if you charge your credit card are 5% of the transaction per month, but if you charge your bank account, they are just $2.50 per transaction. So for the benefits of having 12 months to pay for your training, it might cost you less than $30 in account keeping fees.
  • Our Payment Plan is not counted as a loan against your credit rating. If our Payment Plan is still outstanding when you apply for other personal loans, home loans, etc., this loan is not taken into account. Austudy and Bank Loans obviously are.
  • The only time the Payment Plan agreement affects your credit rating is if you default. NB: This contract is with a third party credit provider and is governed by the credit act. (More details are available on request.)