I’m so excited and humbled to be able to bring to you my first meditation CD ‘Travelling The Tree”. My Gift to you in gratitude for your support and encouragement is located somewhere within this newsletter.

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Welcome to the Half Way Mark of our busy year! Where is 2016 going?

The Year of Completion is soaring ahead and many of us have been experiencing difficult periods in our personal lives as we ‘Let go’ of what has now come to its full term. The cycle of its natural life has now been completed.

While this sounds mystical and metaphysical; it is a very difficult time in our lives as we adjust to the new energies this completion has brought toward us.

Change is never easy while it is happening, yet, when we look back on our lives, we reflect on the changes that brought us to where we are today. If our life stood still, we wouldn’t achieve our greatest accomplishments and we would continue to live Life in the ‘Grey Zone’. Not happy with our job, relationship, living arrangements, etc., yet not unhappy enough to create the Change necessary to move us forward into more rewarding situations.

So we stay, and complain, and allow our Limiting Beliefs to sabotage our happiness and we continue to put up and all to often shut up.

The KEY to HAPPINESS is to move out of our ‘Grey Zone’ and live the life we were born to Live.

It is now scientifically proven that meditation and hypnosis are the only two techniques that slow the brain down to the optimal Alpha and Theta states where the neural pathways can be rewritten from our negative past to our positive future where we become the ‘Drivers of our own Life’ (At Cause), instead of being the victims at someone else’s control, (At Effect).

Countless studies from renowned institutions around the world have proven that meditation has positive effects on health, reduces dis-ease, such as heart disease, hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, anxiety and stress, and decreases hyperactivity, cholesterol, insomnia, adrenal exhaustion.

It is the only proven technique shown to increase cognitive development in students, increase focus and concentration, improves brain function, expands self-awareness, increases confidence and resilience and personal power with grace and calm—the list goes on.

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Listen Back To The On Air Conversation between Elizabeth Cobden from Empowered Alchemy and Lesley Nicholson.

When: Thursday 21st July 12-1pm

Radio Station: VOX FM 106.9

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Conversation Topic: ‘The Power of The Unconscious Mind’ – through changing our thoughts to bring toward us specifically what we choose to attract. How we can change our life, career, relationships, from ordinary to extraordinary and reap the nuggets of success like transmuting from Lead into Gold.

Don’t miss this conversation between Elizabeth and Lesley, as it will empower you to achieve your goals, and gain clarity on the process of change, and stand on top of your own personal mountain with grace and ease.

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