NLP for sales training

What is the difference between NLP sales training and other sales training systems?

The majority of sales training concentrates on the conscious mind. The conscious mind is the logical part of a person’s thinking. However, did you know that the conscious mind represents less than 10 percent of our thinking processes? To tap into that largely ignored 90 percent, NLP selling techniques and sales training focuses primarily on the unconscious mind. This part of your mind is responsible for processing emotions, feelings and decisions. NLP sales training teaches you how to integrate and effectively communicate with both components of your customers’ minds. This ensures your customers will decide to buy your product or service quickly, and feel naturally satisfied about the purchase.

Sales Management Training

As a salesperson, when you pitch a buying proposition to match the client’s thought process, the client can’t help but say “yes”. When you present the benefits of the product or service in keeping with the customer’s values, you are hitting the client’s “hot buttons”. That’s the power of NLP.

You will truly excel in sales when you understand how your customers think. And the most effective way to do this is through NLP sales techniques.

What are the key benefits of NLP sales training?

Combining your sales experience with NLP training will yield many benefits. Firstly, you will develop an instant rapport with your clients. This enables you to connect with a client’s personal values, ensuring they will accept your sales proposal. Secondly, you will learn how to ask the right questions and listen for your customers’ answers. Thirdly, NLP sales management training will teach you to read your clients’ body language to gauge how they are thinking, and how they feel about your sales proposal. It also shows you how to use your body language to signify trust, and encourage sales. Through unlocking the potential in your own mind, NLP can also be used to find success in sports, team coaching, and business networking.

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