The most dangerous place to be is surviving your life in the Grey Zone.

You are not living,

You are not happy, passionate, inspired, motivated, alive and abundant.

BUT! You are not unhappy enough or confident enough to make that stance and take ACTION.

You are just existing in a place of blah!

Of mundane routine, running away from your passion and souls calling because you believed what someone else said about you was true, when you were growing up.

Why continue to give your personal power away to someone you didn’t respect anyway?

Why shrink, just to keep someone else thinking they are bigger than what they are?

Why continue living someone else’s perception of who they think you are?

When you know you are made of different qualities and values, and continue to shrink to keep the ‘so called peace’, and don’t listen to the warning signs of unhappiness, your world starts yelling at you to Stop and Take Notice.

When you continue to ignore the yelling’s and screaming’s of your unconscious mind, and your thoughts spiral into negativity and fear, feeling angry and resentful all of the time, blaming others for making you feel this way. You end up feeling more and more frustrated, unmotivated, and lifeless. This cycle leads unfortunately to ‘Dis-Ease’.

Dis-Ease, begins in the mind, not in the physical body.

As Bruce Lipton once said “Our Thought affect our Emotions and our Emotions affect every cell in our Physical body. This is where dis-ease begins.

If you chose that thought, you have the power of choosing another thought and changing your perception from negative to positive, and count your Blessings instead of feeling like the victim being persecuted.

By repeatedly having this ‘pattern interrupt’, you will re-code your Cells, and bring Healthy active, life and light frequencies into your physical body and you will very soon begin bringing more of this toward you.


Through taking action, you step out of the trappings of the ‘Grey Zone’, and begin to ask yourself just 5 questions:

Who am I?
Who do I want to be remembered as?
What is my contribution to my world and the world of others?
How do I make a difference?
Is my life making me stretch mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually?

Or am I just taking the easy way out and blaming others for manipulating me and forcing me to ‘keep the so called peace’.

True inner peace is when you stand up for your own souls calling and listen to your inner voice; it is not found through outside sources, people or things, it is found deep within you!


What would you change if you were to die tomorrow?

Are you living your life with Passion and making a difference in your world and the world of others?

Are you living a life worrying about how you can pay your bills, or blaming others for not letting you do what your heart is calling you to do?

When you stop!

And Drop into your Heart with Passion and hold onto that true intense feeling, ask yourself

Am I prepared to shrink and make wrong choices to keep a ‘Grey Zone’ existence, trying to fill a void making other people happy and not living my life passionately?

When you Stop and Drop into that place of Feeling – into your heart and gut, You will connect with the core of the seed, that when watered and nurtured hourly, daily and weekly, you will become the mightiest Oak Tree and provide abundantly for everyone who has the privilege to know and meet you.

Reach up to the stars and allow others to do the same, and become a shining example of stepping out of the ‘Grey Zone’.

You will change your world for the better, by taking action today. Change your words and your emotions will change automatically. Change your Thoughts and your mood will lift, responding immediately.

When life throws you a curved ball, pick it up and run!

Instead of reliving the drama repeatedly, which gets bigger and worse each time you recount it, count your blessings and have gratitude for what you have. By turning your thoughts around, you will bring more of what you are thinking about towards you.

You are the magnet, attracting toward you, what it is you focus on. Like the magnet, energy attracts energy.

When you lay down your soul and shrink to keep the peace you will never find true inner happiness and abundance.

Don’t ever choose when you are given an ultimatum, to TRY and keep others happy.

When you connect with your own souls calling you can have it all ………abundantly? No choices, no ultimatums.

When you take that leap of FAITH off the Mountain and take action today you will say goodbye to fear forever and say hello to Living your Life Magnificently and change from Ordinary into Extraordinary, Anger into Happiness, Sadness into Joy, Lack into Abundance and Prosperity, Lead Into Gold, with grace and ease.

Each time you TRY, you set yourself up for more Lessons and the cycle continues.

When you Stop Trying, and Drop into your Souls Centre and Choose from a place of true feeling and passion, you are definitely making the right choice and begin to live the life you were born to live.

Elizabeth is passionate about empowering you to Change Alchemically from Lead into Gold and start living your life the way you dream of.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Have that ‘Breakthrough’ Today

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