The seeds for tomorrow should be planted today!

SPRING is now well underway

Have you planted the seeds you choose to reap by the end of this year. We are now in the last quarter of 2016 and our 9 universal year is coming to a close. To say this year has flown, is an understatement. Are your goals on track or has the year gotten away from you? What new beginnings will you choose to bring toward you in 2017?

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When you are looking out through bleak empty trees to a very dark grey sky; stop and plant some seeds towards what you really want to bring toward you!
Very soon, after lots of mindful positive nurturing, love, attention, and focus on what you really want to bring toward you, you will begin to notice new shoots beginning to sprout through the still cold, hard earth.

As the sun warms, and the days get longer and longer, you realize your focused nurturing energies begin to sprout new shoots. Before you can count to 10, new beginnings are showing you the results of your beautiful intention.

  • So stand tall
  • Face the east: give thanks for your
  • lessons
  • Bend down on your knees and sow the seeds you choose to reap.
  • Give gratitude for 5 things
  • you really have thanks for daily.
  • Stay focused on what you
  • choose to bring toward you.
  • Celebrate your
  • achievements, no matter how big or small.
  • Never let obstacles stop you from achieving your dreams; for they were only placed on your path to check your resolve.Is it really what you really want to bring toward you?????
  • Take action now, right now and water your seeds every day in every way until they rise in their own power with grace and ease.

A Void of Nothingness – YOUR CHOICE

The most dangerous place to be is surviving your life in the Grey Zone.

You are not living,
You are not happy, passionate, inspired, motivated, alive and abundant.

BUT! You are not unhappy enough or confident enough to make that stance and take ACTION.

You are just existing in a place of blah!

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