It is now scientifically proven that meditation and hypnosis are the only two techniques that slow the brain down to the optimal Alpha and Theta states where the neural pathways can be rewritten from our negative past to our positive future where we become the ‘Drivers of our own Life’ (At Cause), instead of being the victims at someone else’s control, (At Effect).

If you ever notice that you are pointing the finger (being at effect), at outside sources, events, or people for the emotional state you are currently experiencing, then it may be time to bring back the control lever of your own life and re-set, re-calibrate and re-kindle your inner peace again and begin by re-connecting with your highest consciousness through prayer or meditation and (be at cause).

When our connection to our God Light is disconnected and we feel dis-jointed and dis-empowered we tend to point the finger at other people and blame it on them. To re-gain our own personal power with grace and ease, turn that finger around to yourself and cut yourself some slack, be kind and even gentle to yourself and Breathe and Smile.

Countless studies from renowned institutions around the world have proven that meditation has positive effects on health, reduces dis-ease, such as heart disease, hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, anxiety and stress, and decreases hyperactivity, cholesterol, insomnia, adrenal exhaustion.

It is the only proven technique shown to increase cognitive development in students, increase focus and concentration, improves brain function, expands self-awareness, increases confidence and resilience and personal power with grace and calm—the list goes on

Your brain’s primary function is to think; you may be pleased to know that Meditation doesn’t have to involve your brain becoming completely still, or sitting alone and silent for hours. Mindfulness Meditation is allowing your mind to float like an autumn leaf on a beautiful light breeze, allowing your thoughts to float by, without attachment or judgment.

The truth is, you can actually implement this mindfulness practice at any time—no matter how busy the day, how stressed you feel, or how impossible it seems. In fact, the more you have to achieve, the easier and more productive you will be if you practice mindfulness meditation techniques on a regular basis.

This isn’t to say that there isn’t value in extended, solitary meditation sessions. However, we live in a world where we don’t have a ton of extra time, and we have a constant barrage of earthly demands from work deadlines, family, social and fitness. You will be pleased to learn there are lots of small ways you can use mindfulness and small doses of meditation to make your days calmer, happier, and much less stressful, so you feel in control of your own life and enjoy the benefits of the work/home/life balance.

The following simple tips will help you do just that –

Open up: Release:

Don’t hold in the stress, it doesn’t serve your highest good at all. If we want to receive guidance of any kind, we’ve got to open up the channels and release all the tension. Mindfulness Meditation is possibly the easiest and most accessible to you, as you can practice it on the bus, or train or even walking to work or school. Be aware of the beauty around you and detach from anything negative. Breathing, Stretching, Drawing or doodling helps. Journaling’s great. Talking it out with a friend, family member or professional is pretty good too.

Set an Intention:

If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you are there?

Where are you at right now? Where do you want to be? What do you want for yourself today? How will you know you have achieved it? What will it look like, or feel like, when you have it? Make it happen—declare it. Celebrate all of your achievements and acknowledge your learning’s. It is one thing to ‘Go with the Flow’; it is another thing to ‘Just Drift Aimlessly’. With clear goals fully visualized, you can put down the rudder, put up the Sail, then sit back and ‘Steer your Life in The direction of your Dreams’.

Positive Self-Talk:

Be aware of your self-talk and ensure you are speaking to yourself the way you would like someone else to. Ask yourself; honestly! Would you still be friends if your friend/partner/family/colleague spoke to you this way?

Earthing/Ground yourself

Walk barefoot on the grass, sand, earth and allow the earths natural magnetic


rhythm, bring you back into balance.

Visualize the roots extend down from your feet, deep into our beautiful earth and visualize yourself connecting with your very own ‘Earth Star’ which sits six inches below your feet.

Eat root vegetables such as carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and potato’s, or even chocolate is said to be grounding.

What makes you feel steady and stable? Do that often.

Connect to your breath:

Remember to Breathe. When we are stressed, nervous or anxious, we tend to breathe shallowly, often through our mouth, often holding our breath. Have you ever stopped and taken a long deep breath and thought “I should have done that a long time ago?” Every so often, pay attention to the cadence and just feel it. Let it slow you down and bring you back into the focus of ‘right now’.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, or suffering from anxiety, try the Pranic ‘alternate nostril breathing’, it is like putting on your very own oxygen mask. Breathing in through one nostril as far as you can, holding, then breathing out as far as you can and repeat, alternating nostrils after each full cycle of in and out.

This technique is incredibly powerful and centering and grounding; bringing you back from feeling like you were a deer or rabbit caught in the glare of oncoming headlights.

It brings you back from Fear, or operating from that ‘Fight or Flight’ mode of operation, which creates adrenal exhaustion. If this continues unchecked, it leads to and chronic fatigue or disease.


Acknowledging ‘5’ things you are grateful for, often it is the simplest things we take for granted that we don’t even stop to give thanks for.

My grandmother used to say; “instead of complaining you have no shoes to wear, have gratitude you have feet to put them on”.

Do we ever stop and give thanks to our heart, for never missing a beat?

Or the fresh, clean drinking water we have the luxury of, whenever we want it.

Your warm bed

Your beautiful partner/family/friends, pets.

To name just a few; continue being thankful for everything you have, everyone in your life, obstacles that become open doors, and all the little miracles we take for granted.

Let go:

It just is. Sometimes no amount of control can move the needle so all you can do is nothing. And true control is effortless anyway. Often we look back, and have gratitude for the event that brought change into our lives, for we wouldn’t be where we are today if life stayed completely still and unchanging. (Would we really want it to?)

If jobs, houses, friends/ partners/ family members or colleagues leave our lives, it is because you have now both got the learning’s to move on.

Take care of your health, inside and out:

Our Physical body is the vessel or suitcase that carries our soul around, on our journey to live the life we have chosen to live on Mother Earth. In respect of this beautiful body we have chosen, it is in our highest good to honor it with organic, healthy foods, filtered water and positive thoughts.

We also need to nurture our Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies as well, to ensure we live a happy and abundant life.

Doing something positive for your body has positive effects on the mind, as well. Whether it’s cooking yourself a satisfying meal, grocery shopping for organic produce, or choosing a green smoothie, every positive decision you make for your health is a gift.

Use doTERRA Essential oils like Balance, Frankincense and Sandalwood to enhance your serotonin levels and improves your blood flow. Apply One drop of balance under the feet, one drop of frankincense on your forehead, and a drop of Sandalwood on your wrists. You can also use In Tune Focus Blend, which has Sandalwood and Frankincense included in it.