‘Harvesting Inner Gold’ – Art Alchemy Retreat (non residency)

The Canvas is a Metaphor for Life - Capturing conversations of the soul, with a visual language all of its own, accessing inner gifts of intuition, positive learnings and lived wisdom. Dancing with the Inner Critic and The Great Mystery, expressing itself through your hands, sticks, spatulas, palette knives, scratching, splattering, texturing with colour, rhythm, line, with the feminine journey of life, paralleled with cycles of nature, plus signs, symbols, archetypes, guides, Shamanic 7 Directions, Four Seasons, Gaia - messages from nature and our animal world, adding richness to an internal dialogue that cannot be expressed through words.
Elizabeth’s belief is “Life is definitely not a straight line, like the phoenix rising up out of the ashes, aware of our dark night of the soul, yet choosing not to live in it.
Sometimes we have to go through the worst, to get to the best. We are entering a new renaissance period of painting and she believes Art truly heals the world, by connecting us all together through the power of visual language and creativity bringing healing to our world.
🌟 Have you ever felt you have higher potential than you are currently achieving in your Art /Life Processes, yet don’t know how to tap into it? 🌟 Are you feeling a creative block sabotaging your highest potential and don’t know how to push through limiting beliefs and become friends with your Inner Critic and/or Inner Child? 🌟 Are you achieving your goals, or is your Inner Critic keeping you stuck in an old comfort zone, that sabotages you with a repeating internal dialogue like ‘A Hamster on a Wheel?’
Are you ready to Self-Actualise and step into your creative genius and highest potential?
Breakthrough on Canvas: The Canvas is a metaphor for Life and Elizabeth holds an amazing space as she walks beside you on your self-actualisation journey, bringing healing, transformation and empowerment to you as you connect to like-minded souls all walking their own path of Self Actualisation and Conscious Creativity, Connecting to The Red Thread, it may get tangled, but it never breaks.
When we connect to our tribe of light seekers, we magnify the power x10 like the Butterfly Effect which can be felt in the ripples of awakening consciousness and healing throughout our global awareness. Art Medicine brings healing and empowerment to you through the creative process as you Breakthrough on Canvas.
Elizabeth will gently and powerfully guide you on a creative journey of self-actualisation – Awakening the Power Within You, facilitating magical change, empowering you to:- 🌟 Connect to your tribe of like-minded creative souls, looking to step into higher potential and creative genius.
🌟 Weave your magic with ancient tools and modern medicine, alchemising your inner critic from low self worth to clarity and confidence, walking your soul purpose with passion in your heart, with grace and ease.
🌟 Dance with Joy in your Heart as you form a positive and empowered relationship with your Inner Critic.
🌟 Are you ready for weekend of power packed creativity, ancient medicine with modern tools and techniques - shamanic journeying, medicine drumming, Native American Flute and Tibetan Singing Bowls, Painting Demonstration, professional art techniques and guidance, plus mentoring support during the two-day workshop.
Capturing conversations of the soul, with a visual language all of its own, accessing inner gifts of intuition, positive learnings and lived wisdom. Dancing with the Inner Critic and The Great Mystery, expressing itself through her love of colour, texture, rhythm, line, the feminine journey of life, paralleled with cycles of nature, plus her love of signs, symbols, messages from nature and our animal world, adding richness to an internal dialogue that cannot be expressed through words.
When we PLAY, we PROSPER as we explore new ways of doing things that once seemed impossible. 🌟 It is scientifically proven that we achieve greater human potential when we PLAY as we forget to have limitations and explore our highest potential, quietening our Inner Critic. 🌟 Time to explore, trust, play and get your creative genius on. 🌟 Imagine who will you be when you have no limitations and feel fully self-actualised? 🌟 Who will you be when you are flying high with unlimited and extreme power and creative potential?
What you will Take Away? 🌟Your own highly original and creatively unique painting on canvas, stepping into your own light to meditate on, manifesting your dreams and goals long into the future. 🌟 Self-actualisation clarity to continue building high self-worth, creative originality and confidence with taking your art and life to the next level. 🌟 The opportunity to join Elizabeth’s upcoming Mentorship Programme and Facebook private group to keep you motivated and inspired to share your journey with each other and stay connected to your new growing Tribe of Art Alchemy Artists AAA.
Who is it for? 🌟 Beginners - You don’t need any prior experience as you will be guided out of a comfort zone gently yet confidently, into a new world you never new possible, especially if you felt you don’t have a creative bone in your body, but something is telling you to ‘go for it’. 🌟 Advanced Artists who feel they need an injection of fun, energy, creativity and new techniques that may be powerful to add to your current tools and techniques. You are invited to bring a painting with you if you would like me to offer you some complimentary mentoring to help you stretch a little further. 🌟 Everyone in between – if your art-making process needs a little motivation, inspiration, or tools to unblock your creative genius, this is for you. 🌟 Guys and Gals, as creativity genius doesn’t exclude. 🌟 If you are over 18 years of age and ready to play with paint 100% and tame your inner critic and ignite your passion for your soul purpose.
What’s included? 🌟 You will be held in a ‘Safe Container’ as Elizabeth has 25years experience working with people of all abilities. (No rescuers, no victims, no oversharing), creating a beautiful energy to be enjoyed by all who attend. 🌟 2 full days (10-4pm) Please arrive 9.30am to settle in, and get set up for a sharp 10am start. A break for lunch to stretch your legs on the beautiful white sands and clear your mind with the magnificent sea air.
Art Alchemy Workshops - Select 1 or 4 Hours: 10am-12pm 2pm-4pm Slight Dip - 2 hour workshop Bigger Splash - Full Day Retreat (non residency) Full Emersion - Full Weekend Retreat (non residency)
Session 1: Day 1 - 2 hours - 10am-12pm
Connecting to The Red Thread Ceremony - Welcome to Tribe - We may get tangled but never broken. Beginning - Facing The East, Planting The Seed of Intention Shamanic Journeying/guided meditation to Medicine Drumming and Native American flute, Intention Setting. 🌟 Texture Techniques and Painting Demonstrations and clear guidance of techniques and process’s. 🌟 Abstract techniques and compositional success – creating ancient patina and patterning to create layers of depth and interest 🌟 Demo of stencil templates and collage
Time to Reflect
Session 2 - Day 1: 2 hours - 2pm-4pm
🌟 Facing The South - Deep Emotional Transmutation, honouring our path and learning how to paint from our 'Flow State', Connecting To Our Source Portrait Made Easy - How to capture the portrait of your Inner Goddess/Warrior/Guide –proportion with directional light source for added drama and effect. 🌟 Personal mentoring to help you achieve your highest potential. 🌟 Creativity, Shamanic Journeying, Medicine Drumming, Native American Flute and Tibetan Bowls create a gentle sound to support your journey and exploration while you paint on canvas, exploring our own signs that represent 'Our Inner Child' as we play with paint and go totally abstract or if you feel ready to push beyond your limitations, you may choose to transform your own warrior/goddess energies into the next level figurative portrait painting and break through all blocks that have been holding you back.
Session 3: Day 2 - 10am - 12pm
Connecting To The West - Awakening The Power Within - Being in our own Personal Power with Grace & Ease Learning our Values, beliefs that are most important to us Boundaries - The power of positive communication and speaking from your heartfelt space Balancing and Protecting Our Energetic Field - knowing whats ours, and what energies we are picking up from other people and learning how to create 'safe space' for ourselves. Connecting to your Power Animal / Spirit Guide - Deep Emersion and Mentoring - Shamanic Journeying, painting from your heart and soul - right brain creative space and higher dimensional connection to your source.
Reflection Time
Session 4: Day 2 - 12pm - 2pm
Connecting To The North: - Learning To trust and develop greater unconscious intuitive connection with our own unconscious mind, to read the energies from Mother Earth and bring our greater connection into our paintings. "I see you, I hear you, I feel you, I know you".
Bringing it all together - Mentoring - Finishing an ArtWork can be the biggest challenge, knowing what to keep, transform and remove or rewrite. Gold leafing demo - Our cracks are valuable learning experiences and become more valuable when filled with gold, like the Japanese Ming Vases you will celebrate your life journey and transformation by adding gold. Writing from your Heart and Soul - giving depth to your painting process and self-actualisation Poetry and Painting Presentation Closing Ceremony - We each take a part of each other with us for the rest of our lives, imagine you are the gold pan and you keep the nuggets of gold that are most valuable to you.
🌟 Limited Acrylic Paints and supplies to support your own materials list. 🌟 Tea/Coffee and yummy light platter of nibbles for you to graze lightly throughout the day.
What's not included? 🌟 Canvas and Art Materials (List Provided) 🌟 Lunch, you may bring your own, or enjoy the local seafood a short walk from our venue, or Bermagui shops are only a 10minute walk. 🌟 Accomodation – Mention you are attending Elizabeth Ellen’s Art Alchemy 2 day workshop to receive a discount on accommodation at the beautiful Harbourside House, directly located on the harbours edge, allowing direct access to the incredible soft white sand and dog friendly beach, only 10 mins walk into Bermagui. www.harbourviewhouse.com.au
What to bring? 🌟 Canvas and Art Materials (see list provided) 🌟 A super fabulous playful attitude and be ready for transformation. 🌟 Wear layers as we can’t regulate temperatures for everyone’s personal comfort, fun old clothes or get dressed up as your fave Goddess/Warrior/Super Hero 🌟 Your own water bottle, drinks or personal requirements. 🌟 Any of your own fave colour paints plus bring anything you love that you want to add onto your canvas, ie fabrics, stones, shells, feathers, crystals, gold dust, gold / silver/ copper leaf and glue. 🌟 References for you to refer to, such as inspirational pics of animals, faces, people etc. Its great to channel our inspiration and guidance, however you may feel safer with your own references to support your creative process.
Materials List: 🌟 Stretched Cotton Canvas on timber frame – size minimum 24x24 (smaller is not easier) 🌟 Folding Easel if you prefer to use instead of working flat. 🌟 Acrylic Paints, preferable flow formula in fave colours, plus Iron oxide, orange, teal, black, white and gold. Gold Leaf and/or combo of metal leaf silver and copper 🌟 White Gesso 🌟 Acrylic Medium 🌟 Mark making tools and writing pens and journal or note pad 🌟 Brushes – mix of sable and bristle in various sizes – a big one and fine tipped, round, flat and blending and scrubbing. 🌟 Palette knives 🌟 Kitchen latex spatula/s – straight edge or ones with a variety of edges 🌟 Spray bottle 🌟 Palette 🌟 Isopropyl Rubbing alcohol 100% – Spray Bottle (Bunnings) 🌟 Chux /baby wipes 🌟 Paper towel 🌟 Glad Wrap roll 🌟 Plastic gloves if your hands are sensitive to materials. 🌟 Old shirt or apron or wear clothes you don’t mind getting paint on.
QUALIFICATIONS & EXPERIENCE: 🌟 Elizabeth is a professional artist, shamanic energy healer and NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Teacher and Mentor, and Intentional Creativity Red Thread Guide - MUSEA USA, connecting like minded souls with each other through creativity, empowerment and healing. 🌟 South Sydney Art School – Associate Diploma Fine Arts – Painting and Sculpture 🌟 University Sydney Dip Ed Visual Arts Secondary 🌟 University Sydney - Post Grad Diploma - Design – Wood, Metal, Jewellery, Drawing, CAD 🌟 ABNLP Master Practitioner/Trainer Time Line Therapy, NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy. 🌟 She is a multi award winning Artist with works held in private collections. 🌟 Representing Australia in AIPP Agfa Trans Tasman Photographic Awards – Silver Award Award Winning Life Coach - Small Business Entrepreneur - WWA Women With Altitude 🌟 International Meditation Teacher, Shamanic Energy Healer, Workshop Facilitator, Coach, Teacher and Mentor bringing you over 25 years of professional experience in the fields of Art, Design, Photography and Secondary Education, Creative Holistic Life Coaching and Business Management.
ENERGY EXCHANGE: 🌟 $88-00 per 2 hour Workshop $144-00 per Day - Full day emersion $255-00 - Full Weekend emersion (non residency retreat)
Art Materials provided $60
For more info see website for workshop programming. 🌟 Please Deposit into account ANZ 🌟 BSB 012 514 🌟 A/C. 288572947 Please ID Name and Art Alchemy Workshop
For more information, please call Elizabeth Ellen M: 0416214582 E: elizabeth@empoweredalchemy.com.au www.empoweredalchemy.com.au ----------------------
What People are Saying:
“I have completed 2 x Art Medicine Workshops so far and I am really looking forward to doing more. Elizabeth is a warm, authentic Personality and the passion she has for art and Healing is evident in all her work. The Art Medicine workshops are always different however, they're tied together with the values of The Red Thread. I've made many beautiful friendships through these workshops and continue to open up to new ideas and heal from older wounds through expression and guidance from Elizabeth at Empowered Alchemy” Leanne.
“Doing the breakthrough session, Elizabeth allowed me to go deep uncovering layers that I had buried through years of limiting self-belief and trauma. It helped me to take those first crucial steps on the path of self-discovery and the knowing that healing is a journey not a destination. Every day I am evolving and had I not followed my intuitive guidance to Elizabeth I would still be sitting in my darkness afraid of my own light. Through art I was able to connect to the disconnected aspects within and allow the creative juices to flow uninhibited and that was all thanks to Elizabeth and her ability to hold space in the perfect way”. Thank you Nicole
“Being a positive person, I didn’t think I had any negative beliefs. But doing Elizabeth’s Awakening the Red Thread course stirred up so much that was hidden inside. Ever since, I have been finding more negative beliefs that I can deal with and change now. It feels so good to let them go”. Elizabeth’s Art Alchemy creative and empowerment process has transformed my confidence, my business and my world in every way, thank you Elizabeth for the magic you weave through creativity and healing, I am truly blessed to have met you.