‘COLOUR YOUR WORLD’ – ‘Awakening The Power Within’ – Bold Colour Masterclass Series Workshops

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Yeah! Whose in, to step into your highest potential and 'Colour Your World,' transforming your soul with paint on canvas and Awaken The Power Within You, with Elizabeth Ellen Art Alchemy workshop series?
A Series of 4 x 3 Hour Art Alchemy Workshops - navigating the Native American Medicine Wheel, The Four Directions, Four Seasons, Four Faces of Human, Exploring COLOUR and the CONCEPT of being UNLIMITED to 'Breakthrough on Canvas'.
"The world changes when we change. The world softens when we soften. The world loves us when we choose to love ourselves and the world". ― Marianne Williamson
We are abundant in our oneness, Individually we are complete; however together, we create a synergy that can achieve unlimited abundance exponentially as we Connect To THE RED THREAD. "We may get tangled but we never break".
In the Season of Summer, located South on the Native American Medicine Wheel and the Colour is RED.....! Perfect to celebrate heartfelt love for ourselves, our loved ones, family, friends and our world.
❤️ Are you ready to paint BOLD colourful paintings that exude confidence and a passion for your art making process?
Let's paint the town RED, with a glass in one hand and a paintbrush or tool of your choice in the other, to play, paint, connect with your Art Tribe and explore your highest potential with no limitations.
❤️ Are you confident working or playing with colour, or do you feel stuck in the same colour pallette youve been using for years, because its safe?
Would you love to learn some magical techniques that make your art making process's go to the next level and get BOLD, CONFIDENT & COURAGEOUS which will automatically flow out through your energy field and into your world?
Thursday 7/12/2023, 11/1/2024, 8/2/2024, 14/3/2024 You may choose to do just one event or purchase all Four Events at an Early Bird Special discount rate.
3 Hours of Painting fun, Let's go ABSTRACT! Colour is the KEY! Exploring your own heartfelt passion for colour, what it represents to you personally, in relation to where you are currently in your life and where you want to be?
Lets bring your Inner Child out to play and allow her/him to explore unlimited possibilities.
Colour mixing tips and techniques and how to mix and create dynamic harmonious colours for calm and peace or complementary contrasting colours, to sizzle with dynamic energy or a combination of both.
An appetite! Vinnie is extending his famous Thursday Pizza & Pasta Special for us. Yes, you can buy your dinner here and paint, eat, drink and have the best time indulging in Creativity, Connection, and Community.
Your own stretched cotton canvas on a timber frame - 61x61cm preferably, (smaller is not easier).
Your own ART MATERIALS: Recommended LIST: Acrylic Paints (Flow & Structured add interesting texture) Fave Colours, plus REDs, Black, White, and gold. Mediums - structured create interesting surface. Texture - Moulding Paste, flow medium, gloss medium or ModgePodge if your'e wanting to add collage.
Brushes, Kitchen utensils like silicon spatular, silicon scraper, old drivers licence or credit card, anything else you feel makes a mark you find interesting. Allow your curiosity to explore and create. Sparkles, found objects, water spray bottle, plastic tablecloth or drop sheet for your table and floor if your'e messy like me. Palette, or disposable plate, paper towel and water container.
A painting apron or wear clothes that wont matter if you get paint on them, like I always do lol.
Complete beginners and professional artists and anyone in between. Guys & Gals Over 18yrs of age.
🐞 Elizabeth is an International Holistic NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Professional Artist, and Creativity RED THREAD GUIDE - MUSEA USA, with over 30 years experience in the fields of Art Education, Business Management and Holistic Life Coaching, Mentoring and Training, transforming peoples heart, minds and souls to live the life they choose and Breakthrough, negative emotions and limiting beliefs.
Her passions with ART ALCHEMY & EMPOWERED ALCHEMY meld together to create her dynamic Breakthrough on canvas, which began 5 years ago at the infamous UPSTAIRS FRED'S in Camden, she now loves bringing collaboration, creativity and community together at THE FAT CAT, Camden.
🐞 UNSW College of Fine Arts Bachelor Fine Arts 🐞 University Sydney Dip Ed Visual Arts (Secondary) 🐞 Kogorah TAFE Associate Diploma Fine Arts 🐞 University Sydney - Design & Technology post grad (IA) 🐞 International Meditation Teacher 🐞 Reiki Master, Teacher 🐞 ABNLP, ABH NLP, Hypnosis, Life Coaching, Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner, Trainer
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CONTACT: Elizabeth Ellen M: 0416214582 E: elizabeth@empoweredalchemy.com.au