ART MEDICINE PLAYSHOP- Christmas in July- Entering the tree-

Let your Light Shine brightly, as you paint and enter the Magical Doorway of your own personal tree, where windows glow with candles and lanterns and elves are creating gifts to share.
🌟Lights are sparkling, fires warm your heart, music plays tunes like a piano on your soul.
🌟The traditional known date of Christmas in July, is July 25th, however, in collaboration with The Fat Cat, Camden we have chosen Thursday 28th July as our magical, wintery and creative night to step into our light, and paint magical mud on canvas and step into your own divine light.
🌟Painting your own unique Tree, with doorways, glowing windows, animals, signs, symbols, abstract and metaphor, we begin to love our own uniqueness and celebrate our individuality.
🌟Have fun, connect and celebrate together as Elizabeth's skills and talents empower you all to mix and make incredible tertiary browns, glorious glowing reds, magical greens while sipping cocktails, hot muddy chocolate and eating glorious muddy desserts, dripping in white and muddy chocolate.
🌟Connecting to our tribe of like minded souls through the Red Thread, we will get our creative juices flowing and take your painting potential to the next level, and learn the Masters techniques of colour mixing and tonal values, easily and effortlessly.
💚I have experienced so many facets of the magic of painting with intention to heal, empower and transform all aspects of my world with Art Medicine on Canvas. With drumming, journeying and journalling, I dig deep into my soul and dance with my spirituality. My supreme joy and highest vibrational self can be seen, heard and felt.
💚My soul purpose and passion in life is empowering people like you to Breakthrough on Canvas, transforming all limiting beliefs so you can achieve happiness, peace, love, success and optimal wellbeing, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
💚Magic always happens when intention and emotion meet, especially with the tools of paint, brushes, palette knife in hand.
💚The infinite possibilities available to us all, will present themselves, as you learn to listen to the silence within your own heart and bring it onto your blank canvas, symbolised perfectly with messages to guide you long after our event.
💚Releasing your inner critic and screaming out into the world that I am here to create, to hold and behold messages of guidance and trusting. in how to release that voice through paint, with hands immersed and wielding your painting tools as you draw, paint, spray, drip, splat, sing, dance and become your own warrior, becoming the infinite light energy of your dreams, with grace and ease.
❤️WHAT YOU WILL TAKE AWAY: Your own original and creatively unique acrylic painting on canvas, stepping into your own Light, to meditate on, manifesting your dreams and goals, long into your future.
Confidence painting with a limited palette and mixing rich tertiary colours achieving the contrast you desire, with great composition for maximum effect.
💚DO I NEED ANY PAINTING EXPERIENCE? Absolutely not. This workshop is designed for complete beginners and more experienced painters alike.
This workshop is about your sacred painting experience, which is independent of "skill" or "talent". If you are alive on this planet right now, you are here to create the art that is your life.
Elizabeth will gently and powerfully lead you on a personal and painting transformation journey.
❤️MATERIALS LIST: Stretched Canvas on Frame Minimum size 20"x20" Maximum size 24"x24" (smaller is not easier)
Acrylic Paints - Reds & Greens plus Black, White and Gold. Plus any fave colours you totally love.
Fave Brushes, old bristle brushes size 10-12, foam brushes and/or pieces of sponge.
Water container, paper towel, wipes
❤️💚❤️💚For Your Peace of Mind and convenience, you may like to purchase an Art Kit for an additional charge upon booking your place in our workshop.
❤️ 💚WHAT TO WEAR? Your fave Christmas in July outfit, Red and/or Green Old or clothes you don't mind getting paint on, or bring an apron or old shirt.
❤️WHO IS IT FOR? You! Everyone who wants to connect through creativity, taking your painting skills to the next level while having fun.
This workshop is totally inclusive of guys and gals, masculine and feminine aged over 18years of age.
❤️ENERGY EXCHANGE: Workshop - $80.00 + 10% GST = $88.00 Art Kit - $30.00
Please Book your space now by Messaging Elizabeth directly on 0416214582 as my website is currently being revamped and I will send you BSB and Account Number.
Contact: Elizabeth Ellen M: 0416214582 E: W: / Events / Art Medicine