ART MEDICINE PLAYSHOP – Planting your abundant harvest –

Yeah, Spring has sprung and to celebrate this magical season of growth, abundance, sunshine and rebirth we are being called by The Red Thread to connect to our tribe, and get our creative juices flowing as we weave our intentions, manifest our dreams and plant the harvest we choose to reap with all the hard work we have put in.
🌟Imagine you have your seeds of magical intention, in your hand, and you see your dreams being fully realised with abundance, how would this joy make you feel? Now is the perfect time to plant your abundant harvest, for a crop so big and filled with so much happiness and joy, you will be like the lambies jumping for joy, as your heart opens and your mind celebrates your biggest harvest yet.
🌟Imagine achieving brilliant success when the first day of summer arrives and you are harvesting your crop of intention.
🌟Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to manifest their dreams so easily and abundantly?
🌟Would you like to learn the magical art of abundant success by manifesting your vision and painting your creative visualisation to the beat of the medicine drum and turn up the lush colours of spring, painting the rich colours of bees buzzing, blossoms and flowers blooming and that bright lime green of fresh new growth.
🌟The art of successful manifestation is to first see in the movie of our minds eye, what it is we want to create. When we plant our abundant harvest, we have a good idea of what the harvest will look like, just like planting seedlings from a specific plant. When we plant the seeds or seedlings, we often choose them from the picture on the front of the packet, so we have a very clear picture in our mind, what our harvest will look like, what colours the flowers and greenery will be. The planting guide will often tell us how far apart we need to plant, whether they thrive in direct sunlight or partial shade and so forth. Taking good care to follow instructions, we then proceed to plant the seeds, nurture them by watering them and caring for them with loving thoughts and care.
🌟Setting intentions in our business, personal or professional life are similar, as we have the visualisation first. If you can see it, you can plan to take positive action to achieve it, and soon you will be celebrating your success and happiness, with a painting you have created with intentional manifestation energy to meditate on, long into the future.
🌟Are you ready to plant your abundant harvest of your happiest moments, health and fitness goals or that trip of a lifetime, your personal goals or business success?
🌟Visualise what you want, write it down, set your intentions, paint your dreams as it they have already happened and continue to energise your dream by seeing yourself as the lead actor/actress in your own movie, living your best life.
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Have fun, connect and celebrate together as Elizabeth's skills and talents empower you to mix magical colours, while sipping glorious cocktails, eating yummy pizza and or desserts.
🌟Connecting to our tribe of like minded souls through the Red Thread, we will get our creative juices flowing and taake your painting potential to the next level, and learn the Masters techniques of colour mixing and tonal values easily and effortlessly.
💚Magic always happens when intention and emotion meet, especially with the tools of paint, brushes, and or palette knife in hand.
💜Releasing your inner critic and yelling out into the world that "I am here to create and manifest my happiest, abundant life easily and effortlessly".
💚WHAT YOU WILL TAKE AWAY: Your own original and creatively unique acrylic painting on canvas, stepping into your own light to meditate on, continuing to manifest your dreams and goals, long into the future.
Gaining confidence mixing and managing your colour palette, learning magical compositional techniques and trusting you are your best ally.
💚 WHO IS IT FOR? Beginners to advanced artists, are all welcome. If you feel you are needing motivation, creativity and inspiration and connection, this is for you.
If you feel your art making process have got a little stuck or limiting in imagination, this is for you?
If you are over 18 years of age, and ready to. play with paint 100%, this is for you.
💜MATERIALS LIST: Stretched Canvas on timber frame. Between 16x20" Minimum size and 24x24 maximum size. (Smaller is not easier).
Acrylic Paints - Favourite Colours Lime Green, Magenta, Yellow, Bright Blue, Black, White and Gold.
Fave Brushes, an old bristle brush, palette knife, sponge.
💚💚💚For Your convenience and peace of mind, you may like to purchase your art kit, so everything you need is waiting for you on arrival. (Additional Fee, upon booking your place into the playshop).
💜WHAT TO WEAR? Spring is the theme, so anything flowery or feelings of abundance. Old clothes you don't mind getting paint on, or an old shirt or apron.
💚ENERGY EXCHANGE: Playshop - $80.00 + 10% GST = $88.00 ART KIT = $30.00
To Book your space, message Elizabeth directly on 0416214582 and I will send you my BSB and Account Number.
💜💚💜CONTACT: Elizabeth Ellen M: 0416214582 E: / Events / Art Medicine