ART MEDICINE PLAYSHOP – Entering The New Realm –

Are you feeling a calling to awaken to your highest, creative potential?
We are entering a new time on earth, a time of awakening, truth and sovereignty, where we are beginning to feel the need for authentic soul connection to our tribe of like minded people.
Imagine coming out of the dark cave of hibernation and repression into a lightness of being happy, healthy, creative and connected.
🌟The canvas is your metaphor in life, while you play with paint to 'Be The Change You Want to See in Your World'.
What you can Expect:
🌟3 Hours of Fun, Empowerment, Creativity and Connection in a fabulous and funky wine bar in Camden @The Fat Cat.
🌟You will Breakthrough on Canvas, which is a melding pot of Painting on Canvas with your hands, palette knives, brushes or even sticks or feathers from your garden. 🌟Creativity, Life Coaching, Meditation, Art Medicine, Creative Visualisation and Shamanic Journeying opening up new doorways and portals for you to transcend into higher consciousness, opening up your right brain of creativity and intuition as you deep dive into your unconscious mind, exploring your new realm of highest potential.
🌟I am excited to inspire and guide you, through an alchemising process of painting with signs, symbols, archetypes and animal guides and powerful change techniques, transforming your life, from negative into positive, rewriting any limiting beliefs to live as the highest expression of your of your authentic self.
🌟When we connect to our soul tribe through the intention of creativity and The Red Thread, living life filled with connection, collaboration and creativity in an innovative way, we raise the vibration not only in our world, but the world around us, becoming the Ripple Effect In Our World? 🌟Remember: Happiness and joy is also contagious❤️
What To Bring? 🌟Materials List: 🌟Canvas stretched, 20x20 or 24x24 inches Acrylic paints in your fave colours plus Black, White and Gold 🌟Brushes in various sizes 🌟Palette knife and or kitchen spatula 🌟Sticks and or feathers from your nature walks or garden
Whats not included:
🌟Food and Drinks
Energy Exchange: 🌟 $80.00 $8.00 GST $88.00 Total Transfer
$30.00 - Art Kit for those who Prefer me to Provide materials and canvas.
BSB: 012 5114 A/C: 288572947 Please take a pic of transfer deposit and sms me with your ID name and Art.
Book Your Space
Elizabeth Ellen M; 0416214582