Would you like to ‘Stand on top of your own Personal Mountain’ with Grace and Ease?

    • Who would you be without Fear of the Future (Anxiety), or holding onto un-forgiveness, anger, sadness, shame, and guilt from the past, confusion?


    • If you could be anything or anywhere in this world, what would you be doing; right now? What’s stopping you?


    • Would you like to ‘Be The Driver of your own Life’ and steer your life in the direction of your DREAMS? In optimum physical, emotional, mental and spiritual happiness and health?


    • Who would you BE! if all Negative Emotions and Limiting Beliefs were replaced with empowering, positive beliefs and emotions?

Would you like to find out?

Through NLP Coaching, and Trainings you will step through ‘Glass Ceilings and Glass Walls’ to achieve your unlimited optimum potential.
Take action today step into ‘Be The Change you want to see in your World’
Meditation is now being held in this lovely energetic space on Monday and Friday evenings from 7-8.30pm and Friday Mornings 9.30-11am. (Bookings essential) to ensure small numbers for your own personal comfort and support)

WOULD you like to be the ‘Driver of your own Life’ and LIVE your LIFE the way you were born to LIVE? Learn HOW TO BE MORE PRESENT, MANAGE STRESS, PAIN AND STRONG EMOTIONS.

Although many think that meditation is about sitting and doing nothing, as Henry Ford once said: I have so many deadlines and feel under so much pressure: “I must meditate, so I can achieve it all”.

Meditation has also been shown to help:

      • Manage pain, lower blood pressure
      • Improve sleep
      • Overcome Stress, depression and anxiety, addiction,
      • Lessen mind-chatter
      • Enhance the natural healing process of the body, mind and spirit.
      • Increase concentration, focus and gain clarity.
      • Increase confidence
      • Find your MOJO and get back your PASSION For LIVING

It can be a wonderful and fun journey to explore and a positive step in the optimal well being of you. After all, you are the very most important person in your life. Don’t put off for tomorrow – what you would truly benefit from today.

It is highly recommended to reserve your space, as numbers are restricted for your personal comfort and support.

My passion is empowering you to Live the Life you were born to Live ‘Magnificently’.

You were born to make a difference in this beautiful and very chaotic world, playing small doesn’t cut it. Be passionate and make and stand out from the crowd.
Never shrink yourself to allow others to appear bigger


Tell them to get bigger.
Tall Poppies are beautiful when red and swaying in the garden, they are also used for remembrance:
Why would you let ‘The Tall Poppy Syndrome’ pull you down.


Shine your beautiful face for the world to see and light the way for others to find their way.
Stand out from the crowd
Be original
Be brave and courageous and Take the Lead
Most of all
Be magnificently YOU!

HUGS and Love and wishing you a very Merry Christmas & a Magical 2016

Elizabeth Cobden