The ‘Mask’ we choose to wear, to protect our vulnerable and sensitive selves is the part of us who other people know. It is not the real you. In fact, if you removed the ‘Mask’, you may find your family and friends or other people saying; “you’ve changed, you’re not like you used to be”, “what’s different, you are not the same old …”.

Would you like to remove the negative emotions of Anger, Fear, Sadness, Guild, Shame, Frustration and the limiting beliefs that sound like a little ‘Black Bird’ is sitting on your left shoulder, incessantly chirping away like a broken old taper recorder. Chirping “you are stupid, you will never amount to anything, you are too fat, too skinny, too dumb, too smart, too week, not funny, weird. You are to be seen and not heard, you are too lazy, slow, fast. Whatever we think we are, we very probably are not. For we are a result of other peoples projections.

It is now time to remove all of these labels and be who we authentically are, that beautiful, magnificent person who is in their own power, standing on top of their own personal mountain in victory, with grace and ease.

It is now time to get rid of all of these projections that we have been carrying around all of our life and stop being that person hiding behind the ‘Mask’. Would you like to stop being a victim, and step into the ‘drivers seat of your life’? There is a way, let me show you how.

It is now scientifically proven that Meditation and Hypnosis are two methods that are able to bypass the critical faculty and re-route the neural pathways from negative thoughts and limiting beliefs to positive, empowering thoughts and unlimited potential.

Our conscious mind is our beautiful, creative, high intelligence; unfortunately it only operates between 2-5% of the time. This is called ‘Mindfulness’.

Our sub-conscious mind is the mind we use 95-99% of the time, unfortunately there is no one in their operating it.

Let me explain this to you and give you a clearer picture of how this works. When a toddler is learning to crawl, or walk, it uses thousands of different muscles to be able to engage in this very challenging exercise. It requires intense concentration for long periods of time, to be able to get one leg to move in front of the other one, let alone the arms as well. Now, How often do you think about these muscles or concentrate so precisely on each tiny muscle movement, when you are walking. For some people who go jogging, for kilometers at a time, ask them exactly what they thought about along their journey and they will not be able to tell you. Because, they were operating from their sub-conscious mind, and no one is in there. Yes, they may have stopped and operated their conscious mind, consciously to cross the road, or wait at the traffic lights, then they soon return to their sub-conscious mind.

The same goes, when we are learning to drive. Can you remember how nervous and anxious you were when you first got behind the wheel and had to release the hand brake, especially if you had parked on a slight hill? Then you had 1000’s of instant things going on in your mind all at the same time. Your parent sitting beside you, yelling instructions, the brake to life off as you put your foot down on the accelerator, the blinker to communicate to other drivers where you are going. Then you finally move out into the traffic, and your nervous tension is at very high levels. You have to drive the car in front of you, the cars beside you and the car behind you and all of a sudden you go into overwhelm.

Now let me ask you, exactly what thoughts did you have when you last took that 9-hour road trip? Can you recall exactly how many times you put your right blinker on or how many hill starts you did. Did you even miss the turn off because you weren’t focused on where you were going? The reason is, because you were operating from your sub-conscious mind 90-99% of the time; and no one is in there.

When we are born, our brain is operating at a very slow monitored rate, it operating on the Theta level of brainwave measurement, which continues from 0-2 years of age. Babies don’t learn, they just simply download information. They watch their parents relate to each other, the way they speak, their actions, their tone of voice, the words they choose to use etc. and this information immediately gets downloaded into the babies sub-conscious mind.

When the baby is 2-7, the child’s brain is operating on a slightly more active level; the brainwaves are now being measured as Beta brainwaves. This level is where a child downloads information easily and effortlessly, like a computer, where information is stored and easily retrieved. This is why children from by-lingual speaking families are able to speak fluently 2-4 different languages. If their mother is Spanish, their father is German and they are living in France and traveling around the globe on a regular basis and English is the common language, they are able to communicate with great ease, 4 different languages. Have you ever tried to learn another language as an adult? It isn’t so easy, is it?

Hypnosis and meditation are the only two scientifically proven modalities that are able to measurably lower a humans brainwave pattern down to the Beta and Theta level of measurement, consciously, where the subconscious mind can be re-written from negative thoughts and limiting beliefs to positive thoughts. How do you think this could affect your life? Do you think it could help you achieve your goals? Enhance your performance, achieve gold, reduce weight, and quit smoking? Yes: it most definitely would.

When you are ready to play 100% and get rid of the little black bird of victim based, sabotaging words and replace it with the little ‘brightly coloured birdie’ who sings a song of brilliance, magical success and empowerment, call Elizabeth today and make that appointment now.

Dreams are only achieved when they are actioned; they then become your goals, which are measurable and successful. What is your first action you will take today?

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