It takes courage to stand up against the masses, and hold a different perspective on how we see what’s currently happening in our world.
Standing up, often alone, and speaking our truth is a vulnerable place to come from, as the masses tend to brand us conspiracy theorists or the crazy ones.

We feel the depth of loneliness, discrimination and judgement, much likened to how I imagine Jesus felt when he carried his own heavy cross on his back, with only a cloth tied around his hips, bare feet, blood dripping down his face as he courageously wore his crown of thorns.

He could have put down his cross and taken the easier path, especially when he was betrayed by his friend, however, he chose to keep his faith and align to his truth, and no throwing of rotten tomatoes, or being spat on, would get him to relinquish his truth.

I’m feeling a rising of Christ Consciousness, a power deep within us, seeking our own truth and acknowledging our freedom to choose what we put into our minds and our bodies.

We cannot accept this current political coercion, and are now standing up together, marching on mass, having a voice, and challenging the old draconian methods of control through fear.

The people are reclaiming their power to choose freedom over fear and are now demanding truth to be told, and cannot accept the mass media control of blocking or deleting the truth.

More and more people are beginning to question what’s currently happening, as a political agenda of elitist proportions where money and power deems it ok to bring fear and coercion into our world.


Four Pillars of Healing needed to create Positive Transformation in our world today.


  • Awareness is the first stage of healing – we must become aware, awake, a rising consciousness is needed.
  • Acknowledgement is the second stage of all healing, only happening when truth is accepted and acknowledged as our soul seeks the truth.
  • Acceptance is the third stage – we may not like what’s happening in our world right now; we begin accepting things have to change as we can no longer tolerate our current situation, or lack of personal power, loss of health, our freedom to choose becomes the most important value.
  • Action is the fourth stage, and it’s not just any action, for that creates chaos; it’s divine and intelligent action that heals fear.

Acknowledgement cannot happen without the truth.

The truth cannot happen if people refuse to see it and speak it.

The soul of all Australians, our First Nation People, can only heal when all Australians unite in the power of Soul and unite in Truth.

Healing begins in each of us by first acknowledging there is something to heal. Acknowledgement is beginning and is a part of the reparation journey.


Today, no matter where you live, we begin to seek and speak a more true story, it is a start. We could no longer wait for acknowledgement from the Nation as a whole, we had to begin at the level of the individual and organizations who speak the truth and act with kindness and respect with ecology, which is a study of consequences; self to self, self to others, self to society and self to our world.


Let us be the ripple effect in our world

The perfect synergy is happening right now, (as I believe there is no such thing as coincidence, that everything is in perfect timing or synchronicity), our footprints are being washed away by the rains, creating a cleansing of energies around our world.

Let the ripples of loving kindness for humanity be the peace we seek and soak up, together in respect for humanity and all sentient beings of light.

Removing The Mask Of Shame

Speaking the truth doesn’t mean you are shaming anyone who isn’t able to ‘yet’ see, hear or feel the truth. It isn’t about discrimination, segregation or judgement, for that is dividing and conquering us from all our families, our loved ones, within our workplace, society and our world.


This is about healing with acknowledgement of the truth, even if we don’t know what the truth is right now, we do know things are not adding up right now.


Speaking the truth actually creates a spirit of liberation flowing between individuals and groups, where democratic views are safely communicated to create a new dialogue with Cổ creation and community in mind. We need each other. As humans we need deep emotional connection to feel safe, valued and loved.


I do honestly feel we are in a spiritual warfare between light and dark. It is essential right now to keep our own energies clean, balanced and aligned and connect to the global consciousness of freedom for humanity and stand up together as one.

  • Wherever possible, stand barefoot on Mother Earth, if you cannot do this physically, just imagine it. Feet shoulder width apart, knees softly bent.
  • Gentle wriggle your toes, lifting your feet up from the inside left, relax, then up from the outside right, relax. Heals up, relax then toes up and relax.
  • Repeat and breathe in through your Nose x4, hold x4, then imagine you are blowing all your worries out through a straw, blowing all your worries away, emptying out.
  • Imagine you are a tree, breathing down from the light of the infinite sun, a silver, white golden column of light, breathe it down through your crown Charkra, all the way down to your Earth Star, connecting and aligning chakras, meridians, auric colours and vibrations.
  • Feel your feet sucking up the earth energies, as you visualise your Earth Star expanding, getting bigger and brighter, connecting to your loved ones, family, friends, neighbours, around your suburb, city, state, country and our world.
  • Imagine your Earth Star so big it encompasses our world, silver white golden light. Then imagine a beautiful magenta light around the outside circle of light, then place a bright blue light in the Center.


It is said we are entering the Golden Age where we will live together on Mother Earth with loving kindness for all living beings of light.

It is also said, the energy tipping point from dark into light is only 0.05% of the worlds population, so breathe in your highest light and connect firmly to our earth, walk lightly with loving grace, humility and compassion and most of all, honour and speak your own truth.



Elizabeth Ellen (c)