With Empowered Alchemy’s coaching, and strategic planning you decide what door you open with it, so you live the life you visualise, not just dream of.

Elizabeth has now combined her passion for teaching, empowering others to achieve their highest potential with her other passions of Hypnosis, NLP Coaching, Meditation, Mindfulness, Creative Visualisation, Natural Therapies and Holistic Counselling.

25 years of successful business management and secondary teaching Design and Visual Arts, enable Elizabeth the creative insight into identifying the need, researching what’s on the market, being able to offer her clients a point of difference that sets her apart from the competition. Value adding to support you Personally, as well as specifically tailoring packages for your business needs.

Elizabeth is an award-winning mentor, coach and leader in empowerment and healing, bringing her unique creative process into discussion about neuroscience, human potential and energy work.

Elizabeth will empower you to create magical change, so you can achieve unlimited success, optimal happiness, wealth, health and achieve or exceed all of your goals. To live the life, you were born to live.