Do you long to improve your own life and have a positive impact on the lives of others? Or, do you dream of a career change in which you can enrich other people’s lives? NLP and Hypnosis practitioner training will give you the tools and techniques to make this change possible. An NLP Practitioner can help you to step off the treadmill that is your life and help you to usher others into a new life filled with colour and movement.

The benefits of NLP Practitioner training

At Empowered Alchemy, we are passionate about empowering you to be the best person you can possibly be. NLP and Hypnosis training is your fast track to becoming a therapist, a coach, a corporate trainer or a personal development trainer. 

By taking part in our exciting, innovative NLP and Hypnosis training course, you will gain a thorough understanding of Hypnosis and NLP, as well as hands-on advice on how to effectively set up and market your new business. 


Experienced hypnosis training

When you register for this exclusive training, you will be provided with your own set of CDs and Workbooks, prior to attending the Training Sessions. With access to these invaluable training materials, you will have a deep knowledge of the course material. 

This enables you to fully concentrate on the Practical Training Activities, and further develop your confidence as a future NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner. 

If you’re ready to start the next chapter of your professional life, and make a huge difference to other people’s lives at the same time, contact Empowered Alchemy today and register for our NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner Training course today.