Have you been introduced to the transformative powers of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) yet? Can you imagine living your life with true passion and purpose? When you align these goals the result is prosperity. It’s never too late to start on your journey towards the true ‘you’. At Empowered Alchemy our NLP workshops are designed to help you understand and unlock the secrets of success across your personal and professional life.

Using NLP you can navigate the streams of your life with greater ease, improve your relationships, alter your behaviours to live the life you want, let go of beliefs that are holding you back, supercharge your communication skills and take complete control of your life. 


How can NLP help in my day-to-day life?

Your NLP journey ultimately begins and ends with you. When you find the fire inside that drives you forward with a burning passion for change, then NLP is a tool that can transform your day to day life.

Using NLP, you are in charge of your mind, and as a result, your results. Each NLP workshop will help you to:

- Improve your communication skills in work environments or personal relationships

- Motivate yourself to identify and power towards your goals

- Remove negative blockages and establish patterns that will help you to live your ideal life

- Understand how the language you use in your mind is reflected in the life you create - and how to change this language to change your life

- Live your authentic life as the real YOU. When you learn to get out of your own way, you live the best life you can possibly live


What can you expect at an NLP workshop?

NLP workshops are defined by kindness and compassion. You will be invited to make yourself at home, with no pressure to reveal more than you choose. You only need to reveal what you are comfortable with before an outcome focussed approach takes over.

People typically experience change within one session, finding those parts of their life who were previously in conflict have begun to untangle. NLP workshops will not tire you out, in fact many people feel a great sense of rejuvenation and energy following a session, with a life characterised by wholeness and choice the ultimate outcome.

If you’re interested in an upcoming NLP workshop please reach out and start your journey into a better, brighter you!