Have you always wanted to explore the spirit world, but are not sure where to start? Or, do you have questions about your spiritual life? If so, channelled shamanic journeying meditation will reawaken the spiritual hunger within. Empowered Alchemy can lead you on a personal journey of shamanic healing and understanding through your own self-conscious. If you feel ready to begin your personal connection to your spirit, please reach out today.

What is channelled shamanic journey meditation?

This intense form of meditation is the most effective way to access other worlds, where spirit helpers and your spirit animal are found. The good news is, channelled shamanic journeying meditation can be performed by anyone. 

You don’t need special skills, or be “tapped in” to the spirit world to undertake this exciting journey. As a qualified hypnotist, I can take you on your channelled shamanic journey. 


How is channelled shamanic journey meditation performed?

Your journey begins by listening to the rhythmic drum beating. When you feel you are ready to start your journey, picture yourself walking on a path. The goal is to move toward a cave set high on a hill in the distance. 

As you move toward this cave, you may face obstacles that delay your journey. By using your initiative (i.e. walking past them, climbing over them, distracting them, etc.) you will get past them. 

Once you arrive in your cave, you will be joined by your Spirit Guide, Animal Totem, Angel or Loved One. When you meet your guides, you can ask them questions and patiently await the answer. You may receive it in written form, or even symbolically. 


How will you benefit from channelled shamanic journeying meditation?

Much like Power SoundBy going on a channelled shamanic journeying meditation, you will greatly expand your awareness of the spirit world. And, by meeting your Spirit Guides, Animal Totems, Angels or Loved Ones, your healing and intuitive abilities will vastly improve. 

If you have been searching for greater, spiritual development meditation, contact Empowered Alchemy today. We will provide a safe, nurturing environment for your fully channelled, guided meditation.