Weight Loss & Fitness

What is gastric band hypnotherapy?

Gastric band hypnotherapy works by placing you under hypnosis. During the hypnosis session, I will make positive suggestions to encourage you to lose weight, and positively affirm that you can achieve this goal. Hypnosis for weight loss can be that simple.

In addition, I will make the suggestion that you have actually undergone a gastric band procedure. This suggestion is designed to help you manage proper portion control in your daily life.

How does hypnotherapy help you lose weight?

One of the most effective ways to help you lose weight and keep it off is through gastric band hypnotherapy. This exciting new weight loss method helps you focus on what you need to achieve to successfully lose weight.

Can hypnosis really help you to lose weight?

Yes. But whether you opt for the virtual gastric band or for a general weight loss hypnosis session will depend upon your motivations, and exactly what is triggering you to overeat in the first place. I will work with you to determine exactly which option will work best for you.

Whether you have virtual gastric band hypnosis or general weight loss hypnosis, you will benefit most if it’s used in conjunction with traditional weight loss methods (such as a balanced diet and regular exercise).

You will see the greatest benefit from these sessions if you undergo regular hypnosis sessions with me.

If you’re fed up with trying to lose weight on your own, contact Empowered Alchemy today to set up your first hypnotherapy session.