Past Life Regression

Past life regression therapy uses a combination of hypnosis and attendant talk therapy to explore a person’s subconscious for evidence of past lives. By understanding what has gone on before, past life regression can help patients deal with the mental and physiological issues affecting them today.

How can past life regression help me?

Past life regression therapy is useful for helping patients who are currently experiencing psychological anxiety disorders such as phobias and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). The therapy can also help patients with drug and alcohol addiction. Patients with depression can also benefit from past life regression therapy.

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How does past life regression work?

Past life regression is based on the theory that we are all reincarnated beings from a previous life. The way we behave, our reactions and our ability to deal with problems today are all influenced by past life experiences. Therefore, to truly understand our feelings, we must expose them by exploring these past life experiences.

During a typical session, the therapist will use hypnosis to relax the patient. Once relaxed, the practitioner will use other techniques such as suggestion therapy and attendant talk therapy to help with recall. Throughout the session, the practitioner will ask specific questions to try and trigger memories from patients’ previous lives.

By examining past experiences in this way, practitioners can connect the dots between past life experiences and current behaviour. Many patients report a feeling of relief once they are provided with an explanation for their current behaviour that was hidden before treatment.