Pain Management

How can hypnosis assist in pain management?

Hypnosis is an extremely powerful way to manage your chronic pain. Hypnotic suggestion can target different aspects of your pain experience (i.e. the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of pain).

Through regular hypnosis for pain sessions, you will learn how to reinterpret or substitute pain sensations, dissociate from your chronic pain and displace pain from the affected areas of your body.

Another great benefit of hypnosis for pain management is the ability to rediscover a sense of control, as your powerlessness is transformed into empowerment. As you begin to take charge over your pain, your physical and psychological symptoms will disappear.

Most importantly, hypnosis will help you to address any underlying emotional pain, such as depression, anxiety and anger.

Armed with the physical and psychological empowerment tools hypnosis gives you, you can change your relationship with the physical aspects of pain, as well as the inherent implications of fear, threat and disruption pain can cause.

Are you ready to take charge over your chronic pain? Do you want to regain control over your life? Simply call Empowered Alchemy today for mastery over your body and mind.

What is chronic pain?

Pain is something we all experience. However, it is not all physiological. Your perception and experience of pain is a combination of physiological (physical) and psychological (mind) processes. Put simply, pain is a construct – a feeling made up of physiological, psychological and spiritual elements.

Along with physical discomfort, chronic pain causes an array of psychological symptoms, such as: anger, depression, anxiety and despair.