What happens during these sessions?

Your first session involves me learning more about you. I want to learn about your past and present, as well as your goals for the future. This hypnosis for alcohol abuse session is dedicated to discovering your “triggers”, and what thoughts and feelings are activated when you drink.

The second visit is your first hypnosis session. The aim of this session is to reduce your desire to drink and increase your sense of self-worth.

As every person is different, subsequent sessions are customised to suit your needs. Some sessions are focused on discovering and resolving the root cause of your alcoholism. Other sessions will provide you with techniques to manage the desire to consume alcohol.

These include: self-hypnosis, mindfulness and NLP tools to help you take control of your addiction.=

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How is hypnotherapy used to treat alcoholism?

There are three key ways in which healing hypnotherapy is used to curb alcoholism.

#1: Hypnotherapy for addiction bypasses the critical faculty of your conscious mind. This ensures your subconscious is free to accept suggestions to promote feelings of calmness and relaxation, while freeing you of the urge to drink alcohol.

#2: Healing hypnotherapy sessions help me to access your subconscious mind. This access allows me to discover the root cause of your alcohol addiction. Once discovered, we can untangle any emotional ties you have to alcohol.

#3: Hypnotherapy also enables you to effectively take control of your behaviours, feelings and thoughts