Stem Cell Healing

Do you feel as though your life is out of balance? And, do you want to tap into your inner healing powers? If so, Genome Stem Cell Healing is perfect for you. Working at the cellular level, through your consciousness, Genome Stem Cell Healing enables you to fully get in touch with your body. Essentially, Genome healing ensures all of body’s cells, systems, chromosomes and organs have a voice, and can thereby be transformed.

What happens during a Genome Stem Cell Healing session?

Genome healing acknowledges that you hold the ultimate power over your health. You are the healer. As a Genome healing practitioner, I will work with you to get in touch with how your body is functioning at a subconscious level.

During our sessions, we may discover that your subconscious may not be serving you positively. In this case, we will work together to transform your body to optimum health and wellbeing.

How can Genome Stem Cell Healing help you?

Genome healing can restore balance to your life. It allows you to heal yourself at all levels, by accessing the power of your consciousness, created by the energy of your thoughts. Genome healing enables you to transform negative energy into positive, affirming beliefs. This activates new optimal, functioning blueprints for your body to rejuvenate.

How will you benefit from a Genome Stem Cell Healing?

A Genome healing is an in depth journey through your consciousness, into your body’s organs and systems, which can help to:

Transform negative ancestral programming.
Connect you with your body’s organs and systems and heal your genomes.
Resolve your life’s trauma.
Reprogram your first cell, which will positively affect every cell in your body.
Heal your body from a distance.
Transform your telomeres, to support your youth and vitality, and;
Restore your entire body to a state of health and wellbeing.

To access your inner healing powers and restore balance to your entire body, contact Empowered Alchemy today for a Genome Stem Cell Healing session.