Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is one of the oldest applications of healing and wellbeing on the planet. The spiritual healer channels energy to the patient in an attempt to bring balance to the innermost layers of the spirit and body. This inner balance then radiates towards the outermost layers of the body, bringing a sense of peace and wellbeing to the patient.

Spiritual healing can help patients become more energised, overcome fears and deal with emotional stress. Many patients use spiritual counselling to cope with the stress of divorce, financial difficulties and bereavement. Patients with mental health difficulties can also benefit from spiritual healing.

How can spiritual healing help me?

Because spiritual healing is non-invasive and works holistically, it’s often used to help patients who are going through a period of biological change, including adolescents, pregnancy and the menopause. The energy realignment inside the body also helps to repair tissue damage and can be used in conjunction with traditional medicines to help patients recover from accidents and speed up the recovery time following surgery.

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How does spiritual healing work?

As human beings, we are deeply connected to the life-force that permeates the universe. If our connection with this force is disturbed, it increases the risk of instability and illness from taking hold. The spiritual healer is trained to strengthen this life-force, so that healing takes place automatically.

Spiritual healing also helps bring balance to the various life energies held within the body. This enables the patient to feel more at one with themselves and better able to cope with the stresses and strains that life throws at them. It is for this reason spiritual healing is often used in conjunction with traditional medicines to help patients with mental health problems.