Shamanic healing

Shamanic mysticism

An old spiritual practice that is based on animism and on the belief that everything is living and has a spirit.


It is thought to be the key to existence as shamans are a link between the Earth plane and higher planes of existence. They link to the spirit world in order to heal and uplift consciousness.

Shamanic healing with Elizabeth

When it comes to shamanic healing Elizabeth often works in tandem with ‘ the helper spirits’ in the spiritual realm to repair a soul and make them experience spiritual and physical healing in the earth realm.

She uses Shamanic drumming method also known as Rhythm healing which is an ancient practice that uses therapeutic rhythm techniques to influence the internal rhythm of the individual and harmonize those patterns that are thought to be causing illness or imbalances.

She involves the natural law of resonance to restore the vibration integrity of body, mind and spirit.

Why do you need shamanic healing?

If you have been through a life altering trauma, whether mental or physical, that may have lost a part of your soul or damaged your spiritual force field and has made you vulnerable to illness , bad luck and depression, then Shamanic healing is the right choice for you .

Connect with Elizabeth to enlighten you mind , body and soul again.