9am - 6pm Consultation (By Appointment Only)

7pm - 9pm - Meditation - Elderslie


9am - 6pm Consultation (By Appointment Only)


9am - 6pm - Consultation (By Appointment Only)


9am - 6pm - Consultation (By Appointment Only)


9am - 6pm Consultation (By Appointment Only)


Consultation (By Appointment Only)


Consultation (By Appointment Only)

Note: Doors close for Meditation at 7pm.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the appointed time to sign in and make yourself comfortable, ready for meditation to begin at the appointed time.

It is highly recommended to reserve your space as numbers are limited: ensuring you personal comfort and guidance. 

Water Fountain, chairs and cushions are all available and the venue is air conditioned for your comfort.

Wheel Chair access is provided

Channeled Journeying Meditation

Would you like to learn a gentle technique of quietening your mind, so you feel in control of your life. Meditation is not about having 'no' thoughts, its about learning not to attach to them and 'let them go without judgement', (like a gentle leaf floating on a mountain stream). Learn to empower your mind and begin living life with inner peace, calm and have a good nights sleep where you awake the next morning, ready to begin your day with positive energy and enthusiasm. 

see Meditation page for more info

Empowered Kids Meditation

Empowered Kids will learn resilience and gain greater confidence which will assist them in all areas of their lives including reducing stress and anxiety.  They will also learn the tools to assist in creating positive self image, enhanced focus, concentration, improving self esteem, sleep and providing them with greater personal power