“The Breakthrough Therapy goes deep, without the pain of reliving the trauma of the events”

I have a great admiration for Elizabeth, she has, in her own unique way helped me to overcome some very difficult issues in my life.

The Breakthrough Therapy goes deep, without the pain of reliving the trauma of the event/s.

By unique, I refer to her as a relentless seeker of your truth, she allows you to own that truth in your own good time.

I highly recommend Elizabeth as a Healer, a Mentor & last but by no means least as a Life Coach.

Kerry M.

“Big changes to my life”

"I have been seeing Elizabeth for 2 years for healing and meditation and for life coaching for the last few months. She has helped me to make big changes to my life. I used to be a very negative person with low self-esteem and was unhappy with my life. Since l began seeing Elizabeth l am a much calmer and more positive person. I now love and believe in myself. I have also started to release my excess weight, which I have held onto for many many years. Elizabeth has changed my life for the better and she can help you too."

Debbie W.

"A testimonial of new life"

This is my story of an incredible person who I came to know when my life had hit rock bottom. I lost my father in June of 2013 and as a result, struggled to regain my foothold on life's path. I heard about Elizabeth through a massage therapist who recommended I practice meditation. However, life stayed too busy for me as I put others before my own needs and I quickly spiraled into a world of bleakness and depression. I was feeling led to contact Elizabeth one afternoon and her business card was in the very first place I searched for it. I rang her immediately and scheduled an appointment for the Sunday afternoon. She explained she rarely sees clients on a Sunday but was willing to make an exception... and thank God she did!

I arrived at her home a few minutes early and patiently waited on her doorstep. She arrived right on time and gave me a big hug. She whispered, "welcome home" in my ear and my heart began to weep. We sat down at her kitchen table and I felt an overall sense of peace in her presence. I began to tell my story of heartache over the past year but she already knew much of what I had been through. She told me many things about myself and knew exactly what I needed to step back into my own power. This faithful day is when I began my journey. My journey to complete happiness.

I had never been in the presence of a psychic medium before and did not know really what to expect. The messages that came through her were like an angel speaking to me. My soul was hurting, my heart was aching and she knew exactly what was needed to piece me back together again. She taught me a few meditation techniques and gave me a reiki healing shortly thereafter. I was so weak that I found it difficult to immediately open up to the healing energy she was providing. I left her house that day feeling slightly better and remembered what she told me in our consultation. That evening, emotions began to pour from my eyes as tears rolled down my face all through the night. She warned me that this might happen, as often her healing will continue for the next 72 hours. It was at this time that my true spiritual journey began.

I became more aware of the world around me, more in tune to the needs of my soul, and very aware of what my body needs to keep up. I went to visit Elizabeth about a month later and received another healing. This time I was much stronger and could feel the energies being poured into my body. My eyes were covered but I could see the healing energy as I breathed it into my lungs. It was the most powerful experience I had ever been through!

Elizabeth is one of the most beautiful, brightest souls I have ever met. She is empowered to bring healing and hope to anyone who wishes to receive it. I am so fortunate to have met her when I did as otherwise I am not sure I would be here today. I encourage all who are feeling lost, without purpose or in need of a warm hug to contact her. I have learned that life is beautiful, easy, and full of energy everywhere you look. Elizabeth will show you how to tap into the energy of the universe, breathe it in, and go through life with a positive outlook... free of all negative energies. I hope all in need contact her.

She truly saved my life. There is no doubt about that!

Adam M.

"Realign me to my True Essence"

Hi Elizabeth! Just wanted to say hello 72hrs after my session with you… definitely feeling something has shifted & realign me to my true essence!

THANK YOU… the hips/neck are fragile adjusting to the fresh vibe, but MUCH more open & clear… YaY!


"Deep Healing and Self Transformation"

Recently I contacted Elizabeth to help me work through some stubborn energies that were manifesting in physical pain that I just couldn't seem to shift. I also sort clarity & insight into deeper under currents that were connected to this physical pain I was experiencing. Immediately upon meeting Elizabeth I was met with warmth & comfort. She made me feel supported & genuinely sort to offer me all she could during our session. Elizabeth did some amazing shamanic healing, reiki & also listened & talked through with me some things that came up during our time together. I left feeling much more aligned, centred, fresh & with a new found feeling of possibility & positivity. My physical pain has settled & I am feeling alive. I am really looking forward to more!

I felt I am was on a journey of discovery, of me. I am enjoying that journey. I realise that I will always be on that journey, and that is a good outcome. Before my Breakthrough sessions I just wanted to reach a destination and have a result, but I have discovered that is not always important. It is good to have an outcome, but without the journey there is no sense of achievement and purpose. I know that it will be a long journey and I am OK with that. I realised that I never took the time to really understand, appreciate, enjoy and learn from MY journey. My light bulb moment. I am finally feel free.

Elizabeth is an inspirational and motivational coach who challenges you to realise your full potential in all areas of your life. She challenged me to set career goals that were challenging yet focused on potential als. Elizabeth supported me and inspired self-belief to help me see that I could actually achieve my goals.

While being a charismatic and inspiring person, Elizabeth has a listening soul and ability to understand and help define the big picture of your goals, she is also able to break down the steps needed to achieve these goals and give practical and insightful advice on how to take that all important first step towards your goal, whether it be a new course of study, defining your career direction, realising personal goals and achievements, resolving family and relationship conflict, or taking charge of your life.

Some of the processes that Elizabeth uses in Breakthrough Life Coaching were Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy, these were new me and I did not what to expect. However Elizabeth guided me through the process in a gentle reassuring manner. They really let me tap in to my potential. Life coaching, Hypnotherapy, acceptance and listening are second nature to Elizabeth and I would strongly recommend her if you are looking for a life coach to support, mentor and inspire you on your life journey.


"Long Term Pain ...... No More"

I have been a fitness fanatic for many years, the last few years I have backed off & let myself go a little. I injured my hip water skiing years ago, which I self treat by inverting on my weight bench to relieve pressure on the nerve. I also have pain in the knees, caused mainly from bone on bone in the knee caps & carrying a few extra kilos, also some floating fragments within & around the knee.

At the age of 53, I started to do some light training, though pain in the right knee & right hip made training very uncomfortable, to the point I had to stop.

I had been to Elizabeth's meditation classes & found they were very mind opening & some of the visions I had & a sense of calm can see why so many people do it.

Elizabeth picked up I had hip & knee pain when doing a mini reading. She asked me if I'd like to try energy healing, I had heard of it, though wasn't quite sure how it worked. I will try anything once & I'm the type that has to see to believe.

To cut a long story short, I went to Elizabeth's place for a reading etc that's when she picked up the pain. She asked if I'd like to try the energy healing, which I said I would. Elizabeth laid me down on a foldout bed, covered my eyes with a rolled up towel & began a ritual of drumming, flute playing & putting her hands on my arms. I actually thought, what is she doing ? This is witch doctor stuff, then she touched my arms with her hands, the heat in her hands were intense. After about I think roughly 1/2 hour or so, the heat in my hip & knee was so hot & intense, it felt like a hot poker being inserted, the heat & pain nearly making me stop the process, though I had faith Elizabeth knew what she was doing. Once finished, I said my goodbyes, thanked her for the night & went on my way.

By the time I got home, about 20 minutes, the pain was still there.

I had a shower, went to get into bed & noticed I had pain in neither my hip or knee, I thought to myself, what was that all about? I had continual pain for so long, I couldn't work it out. I guess my next thoughts were, I wonder how long this will last? Well to my surprise & that would have been around 12 months ago, I still haven't had any major pain in either joint. Every now & then I feel some slight pain, but I have jogged & trained since & still have no pain that is major or continual. I'm not sure how all this worked, obviously was the work of the gods or spirits, not sure, all I know is that what Elizabeth did that night, has taken away the pain in those 2 joints. I don't know how or why, I went in with the belief this could work & after having it done & knowing it works, I saw & I now believe.

Well done Elizabeth keep up the great work.

Tracey F (Bringelly)

"Reignite My Life's Purpose"

I completed the NLP FasTrak Training with Elizabeth earlier this year. Across these seven days I experienced the most powerful breakthroughs and transformation in my entire life, which has allowed me to move forward into my life purpose and inspired me to help others in the same way. If you are looking for inspiration, help with your career or to simply get your life really moving then you are guaranteed to find results in one of Elizabeths’ courses or seminars, along with fun-filled moments, beautiful connections and life-long memories to cherish forever!


"Gifted Teacher and Inspiring Mentor"

I had the pleasure of studying NLP and Creating Magical Success with Elizabeth in earlier this year. Elizabeth is a gifted teacher and remains a great inspiring mentor after the studies concluded. After taking her courses at Empowered Alchemy, I feel more at ease in delivering change management in my personal and corporate environment. NLP is a powerful tool transforming people in excellence. You are more aware of your own beliefs, values, motivations, positive behaviours which in turn is making an impact on others around you. Negative self-talk evaporates and is replaced with renewed energy, improved communication strategies, successful goal setting and outcomes. It has certainly been a wonderful and awakening experience for me. The course is perfectly planned in module releases to allow for great practical exercises during the day. The training material is outstanding and a handy reference going forward. I would highly recommend the NLP course for anyone seeking to gain an in-depth understanding of this powerful change tool, learning more about themselves and the influences that shape other people's lives.


"Valuable Lesson about Parenting"

I would like to say thank you. You pointed out to me once the most valuable lesson about my child. How my daughter is her own person and how our children choose their parents. These wise words of your knowledge and wisdom had certainly changed my perception about how I mother my children. And since I shifted my thoughts, things have changed a lot for the better between my daughter and I and she is stepping up into her power and I am very proud.


"Tools to help cope with the Stress of Flying"

I visited Elizabeth and beautiful Sami and Osca a few days before my trip to America feeling very stressed about my long flight - flying has always been a huge fear of mine. Elizabeth gave me the tools to try and relax and look at it in a total different way - I am now 4/7 flights done in my trip and though I'm still not 100% comfortable with flying I can now enjoy my trip without stressing about the flights that come with it - I've also just booked a helicopter flight (there's no way I would of done this a few months ago) so thank you so much lovely lady, I didn't think it was possible for me to relax at but I did!


"Amazing and Healing Meditation"

It had been a long while since I had been to a meditation group and last night my dear friend Elizabeth lead an amazing and very healing meditation group which was so awesome, even learnt EFT in the process. No matter how long we are doing something in our lives it's so refreshing and amazing to go back to basics again, not saying it was basic it was everything but basic it was INTENSE in all levels and I managed a full deep sleep of 10hours 6-7more hours of sleep I normally get. So I highly recommend Her meditation groups, and even better now in summer you get to relax in her beautiful pool just before meditation starts!!!!


"Inspiring work with Children"

Thank you Elizabeth for all your inspiring work with my daughter. It is incredible watching her become empowered and take such leaps forward. xx


"How fast the Universe can conspire to Support your Dreams"

This is 'How Fast the Universe can conspire to Support your Dreams...17 days ago I decided to 'EMBRACE LIFE' as I had had enough of what was being dished out to me...so I took Action & said 'No...there is more to Life than this...& Kicked that 1 in the Ass!' On the 19th June, I went to the Embrace Life Festival...Ready to Hug Life with All that I had left in me! The first thing I heard (I heard with my Spirit, I did not care what I was looking at) when I walked into the room was a 'Native American Drum'...my Heart So Desired to go find it immediately. This is where I met Elizabeth Cobden from Empowered Alchemy. I purchased her C.D. ~ Travelling The Tree meditation, went home & played it. The following day, I called her & asked Elizabeth what she does...as I was Passionate to Re-birth my Life to the next stage. from Empowered Alchemy. I purchased her C.D. ~ Travelling The Tree meditation, went home & played it. The following day, I called her & asked Elizabeth what she does...as I was Passionate to Re-birth my Life to the next stage. And 'So Determined not to go down the Rabbit Hole further!' That day 20th June, I made a decision that I had 'No idea HOW BIG it was going to change my Life!' I signed up for Healing with Empowered Alchemy. Admittedly, whilst I did feel a little unsure...as I was spending money I didn't have...I KNEW EMPHATICALLY I had to 'Take my Leap of FAITH...as if this is what I Breathe, Walk & Talk...I had to Follow through...which was to Prove my Faith to myself!' 7 days after this Life Changing decision...where I Jumped & had no expectation...ALL of my Dreams, Desires, Hopes, Prayers are Unveiling Right before my eyes with Grace & Ease! YES...I Am Dancing to the Dreams of my Life! You Can too...All you gotta do is 'Take that Leap of Faith!' Here are some photos over the past 17 days, during my Healing


"My Amazing Healing Session"

I had a healing session with Elizabeth and I can truly say it is a treatment for the heart, soul and mind - what an amazing experience it was, instilling in me a sense of complete and utter relaxation. I cannot recommend it enough. I believe that in meeting Elizabeth and receiving these treatments and attending weekly meditations that this will be one of the most amazing spiritual and soulful journeys I will ever embark upon – a journey of self-discovery, healing and understanding – a journey of enlightenment and enrichment. I look forward to my next treatment and indeed the next chapter of my life.


"Workshops to Nourish the Mind and Soul"

Elizabeth runs beautifully balanced experiential workshops to nourish the mind and soul, the creative inner child and the physical body. Her palette of healing and teaching skills includes: meditation, spiritual drumming, Aromatouch massage, Reiki and hypnotherapy. For those who are from out-of-area, there is also a lovely on-site Glamping-style accommodation (2nd floor) that is both comfortable and convenient for those attending workshops or for those who wish to access Elizabeth's services. Highly recommended!


"A Healing Session Like No Other"

Thank you Elizabeth for a lovely relaxing healing. All that build up of stress and the stress pressure behind the eyes have now gone. Feel sooo much more relaxed and less aches and pains. Looking forward t a good nights sleep. Something I have not had in a while. This is something I would recommend to anyone who is having to deal with stress, or may feel a little 'off'


"Feeling More Empowered"

Thank you Elizabeth you have helped me with my self healing and other issues. I'm feeling much more empowered and able to handle and deal with life issues that come my way A beautiful woman with a kind and gifted heart. Thankyou xx


"To the root of the issue in just one session"

Thank you Elizabeth for helping my daughter, you truly are an amazing healer, a beautiful lady who possesses an amazing gift – so full of compassion and kindness - I feel blessed to have met you. My daughter instantly had a connection with you, she loved your company and conversation – you did so much with her in just one session and you got to the root of the problem. I took my daughter to 4 consultants over the course of these 3 months and they did not know what was causing her sniffing, some even referred to it as a tic. In despair, I prayed to find the right person to help my daughter and then I came across your name (the next day!!) and after making that first phone call I knew in my heart I had found the right person for my daughter. You fitted us in late on a Saturday afternoon and nothing was too much trouble, I am forever grateful. That same evening as we drove home, I could see in her face and that she felt much happier - she felt you understood her and she loved her ‘star child’ bottle and meditation cd – the most amazing thing is, that after only one session with yourself, her sniffing had completely gone!! I have tears in my eyes just seeing how happy she is once again and I have no words to say how much this means to me, thank you Elizabeth, thank you. The following week, she attended your workshops for empowering children and what a difference this has made. She is so full of life, confidence and joy – you taught her how to meditate and channel her emotions, and know, that it is okay to be yourself. She cannot wait for the next school holidays to come around and once again create some magical and beautiful memories. A truly exceptional workshop in which my daughter made special friendships, created amazing pieces of artwork and opened up a world of self-discovery, helping her to become empowered. For any children that may be feeling anxious or overwhelmed because of different transitions in their lives (for us it was a move from one end of the world to another), I urge you to take your child to Elizabeth, this will be the best gift you can give them and also to yourself – you will see the most remarkable transformation. Thank you Elizabeth for healing my daughter, not just physically but also emotionally and spiritually. Thank you for listening to her, not labeling her and thank you for giving me the knowledge and understanding of how best to help her and guide her on this wonderful journey called ‘life’.


"One on One Phone Sessions"

Thank You Elizabeth for 2 "one on one" phone sessions on Coaching and Life Balance They really empowered me to further self healing and development, Loved it! I highly recommend Elizabeth's services to any one seeking further self development and awarness, for strategies and management to move forward in one's life. Very much appreciated and worth doing the exercises. Thank you so much Elizabeth.


"Elizabeth has so much to offer"

I first connected with Elizabeth at the Special Night Event - Total Empowerment last year in June. What an amazing night that was. I then attended fully channelled meditations on Friday mornings which were empowering and guided me on my journey of self - healing and self – realisation. Such amazing experiences. I have also had Hypnotherapy with Elizabeth.I made a 3 year vision board to work towards things I wish to manifest within that 3 years. Amazing experience, WoW. Everything I saw was like I was living in that moment during the Hypnotherapy. I am so looking forward to everything manifesting that I wish to achieve in that 3 years. I continued to further my studies with Elizabeth in doing Spiritual Surgery to which I will be using with my Reiki. Such a magical experience, the energy around us and I even got assigned a new spirit guide, my surgeon to who I had the pleasure of meeting and seeing. An amazing day. I attended Elizabeth's Spiritual Art Drawing group with other beautiful people. A day of connecting with our spirit guides and be a channel for them to come through and be drawn. Meditation, shamanic drumming enlightened all of us fully. One of my main guides is an Indian Chief and I was so thrilled that I drew him . I have now continued to draw my spirit guides regularly and I am on a mission with all the ones that are being drawn. I love spending time with my guides and drawings, receiving messages and symbols and it will continue to be a passion of mine. I also attended the “Creating Magical Happiness” weekend workshop. A weekend full of Empowerment, releasing, manifesting, meditation and so much more. At the end of that weekend I had more determination, direction, understanding, commitment to my life, my journey and myself as a whole. Totally inspiring and empowered. Elizabeth is very knowledgeable in all aspects of her work - NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) , Mediation, Hypnotherapy, Training , Psychic abilities and more . I highly recommend her. Thank you Elizabeth for being the person you are, kind, caring, helpful, understanding, compassionate, teacher and beautiful soul. I thought I would share this picture with you all, Yesterday myself and some other very lovely talented ladies spent the day with Elizabeth doing our Spiritual Art Workshop, channeling our spirit guides to come through and drawing them. It was an amazing day, wonderful energies and beautiful people. While looking through the pictures I noticed what looked like an orb ( as you will see i have circled it in red) . I tuned into to this and sense it was a male in his 40's. Very interesting to know that we had some wonderful spirits around us on the day, watching over us Anyone who wishes to learn to do spirit guide drawing , I highly recommend to do this as it is an amazing experience. I have also done meditation, hypnotherapy, Spiritual Surgery with Elizabeth and I highly recommend her. Thank you again Elizabeth for such a wonderful beautiful day


"The Courage to Stand Strong"

I met Elizabeth 5 yrs ago at the hosp where she was doing reiki healing on her friend.I was soo touched by the healing that I connected to her and she gave me the courage to stand strong, be positive by her psychic readings,healing and positive vibe, luv and lightings.M a strong independant woman now with healing powers.All credit goes to Elizabeth for showing me the right path and blessings.God bless her.


"Letting go of Limiting Beliefs"

I had the pleasure of having my first 'real' meditation experience last night courtesy of Elizabeth from Empowered Alchemy. I attended a group session wherein I 'let go' of a limiting belief and was taken on a journey of relaxation and discovery. Thank you Elizabeth!


"Tools to help me on my journey of personal development"

Elizabeth's guided meditation, life coaching techniques and holistic health & wellness knowledge have been such a blessing. It's been empowering having Elizabeth in my life while on this journey of personal development


"My First Experience"

I recently had my first meditation/healing session and enjoyed the experience. I immediately felt comfortable - Elizabeth is warm & welcoming. Enjoyed the positive energy & gorgeous surrounds. I had a very positive experience.


"Good for the Soul"

Thank you Elizabeth for you amazing mediation experience, definitely good for the soul


"The only person to work with"

This year I decided that I was going to focus on myself and I was ready to release limiting beliefs that had been holding me back, the only person I could do this work with is Elizabeth, she is a natural healer, an energetic source who wants the best for you and who helps you to achieve your deepest dreams. And let me tell you, if it is not all sunshine and healing crystals, there is depth to what Elizabeth does and she gets into the dirt with you and helps you clean it out. Each session I had with Elizabeth felt natural and exactly what I needed on that day there was no “plan” or “set of steps” to get through. I feel like I’m 100% in my own power and that it’s a magical place to be.


"Loving myself again"

I’d like to thank Elizabeth Ellen for giving me the opportunity to love myself again. She has helped me overcome so many past, present and future hurdles and I can now see more clearly than ever. I’ve never felt more in control of my life and have never been so focused on what I want and what I truly deserve. Elizabeth has helped me reframe my train of thought and also the way I treat not only my future moving forward but the way I see my past. She has helped me establish who I truly am and the potential I hold. I will forever be grateful and thankful that I came across Empowered Alchemy and will have a friend and mentor in Elizabeth for a long time to come.


"When l was at a cross road with my Life"

***Highly recommend this** At a time where I knew I was at a cross road...my soul was so so tired from varying trauma and I was not a happy camper. I found Elizabeth through a Facebook recommendation and I haven't looked back. I did her one one one break through therapy which was AMAZING. What a woman! I came with a list of emotional blocks and she has helped release each emotion attached to those memories. If you are backed into a corner in life and most things feel helpless, this is def worth a shot at repairing your soul. It can be done!


"Breakthrough Session"

When I first met Elizabeth I was at a point in my life where I literally didn’t know which way to turn. Every day I felt that I was standing facing a brick wall with no way over, through or around it. I decided to do Elizabeth’s breakthrough session as I knew I needed for her to get to know me and for us to spend a decent period of time together. She even allowed me to stay in her home whilst we were working together as I lived over an hour away by car. The work I did with her has produced powerful change within me. It was a gradual process but bit by bit I gained clarity and made shifts within myself to now be at a point where the brick wall has gone, I do know which way to turn, I know that there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with me and that I have much to live for. I am forever grateful to Elizabeth for her knowledge, kindness and friendship.


"Unique workshops and Healing sessions"

If you ever get the opportunity to attend an event or workshop with Elizabeth grab it! A unique blend of amazing energies, dynamic presentation and practical application will have you feeling transformed, motivated, uplifted & empowered. Need a little more? Try one on one to release any limiting beliefs & gain knowledge & tools with which you can move forward & into your own personal power! Namaste Elizabeth Ellen


"Life is no longer a struggle"

For anyone struggling to move forward in life because of old feelings and beliefs. To simply find peace in life through meditation,hypnotherapy,NLP and holistic healing sessions, Elizabeth is the person to see. I found Empowered Alchemy when I wasn't even looking. Thank you for all you have helped me with, the proof is in me that mindset can change, life can be better. xxxxxx


"The Power to be"

Just completed my breakthrough therapy, I now have the power to be, so I can do and have the greatest life I could ever envisage. What a truly inspirational gift it was to be guided to Elizabeth.


"Helping me to move forward"

Elizabeth is amazing. I knew I needed help to move forward and grow, I couldn’t figure it out by myself. She could though. Her willingness to accept without judgement and offer help, guidance and a safe place to work through past and current issues I had now has me now heading in the right direction after what seemed like a terribly long time of emotional torment. The baggage has been left behind. Onwards and upwards. Thank you Thank you Thank you