Essential oils are commonly overlooked despite their profound ability to help your body fight off disease, reduce pain, and alleviate conditions that are impacting your quality of life. While there are numerous health benefits to these healing aromatherapy oils, the quality of the oil is important! When used correctly, healing oils can transform your life, bringing peace and calm and driving away negative energy that is holding you back.

How does smell relate to your subconscious?

Four of your five senses – sight, touch, hearing and taste – are processed through the interpretive areas of your brain. In other words, they are filtered. However, when you smell, small molecules drift to a primitive part of your brain associated with emotions and memory. This provides a subconscious link between aromas and the strong memories you associate with them. 


How can essential oils protect your subconscious?

Essential oils are vital to the health of your conscious and subconscious mind. These oils can help you clear negative energy from your space by raising your vibrational frequency. Essential oils also provide psychic protection from negative energy, entities and attachments. 

There’s more to psychic protection than warding off spiritual nasties. It’s about protecting yourself from problems in daily life that can draw in negative emotions, thoughts and people. 


How should essential oils be used?

Essential oils are most effective when used in diffusion and air sprays. However, they can also be used as a body oil, or by adding a few drops to your bath. 


Which essential oils can protect your subconscious?

There’s an extensive list of essential oils you can use to protect yourself subconscious from psychic attacks. Here are the most effective.

Rose – An immemorial oil, rose is the oil with the highest vibration frequency, and is considered the “queen of all oils”.

Basil – Considered sacred in many parts of the world, basil can protect you when in large crowds.

Cypress – This oil purifies surrounding energies, while uplifting vibration levels at the same time. 

Juniper – Juniper negates negativity. By purifying negative energy from your environment and others, Juniper cleanses energies which are harmful to maintaining good health. It also transforms your negative emotions into positive ones. 

Lavender – This sweet smelling oil clears out energies that won’t leave your space. Lavender is also relaxing, so purifying a room with it before a social event prevents negative energy before it starts. 

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