Known as an “invisible” condition, autism sufferers struggle to understand the world around them. For many years, sufferers and their families have searched for an effective way to manage autism. At Empowered Alchemy, we believe we have found an answer - hypnosis treatment for autism is highly effective and can change lives. 

What exactly is autism?

Autism is a neurological condition, which affects sufferers in many different ways. It typically impacts a person’s ability to communicate, form meaningful relationships and is often accompanied by a learning disability. 


How does autism affect sufferers?

People with autism frequently experience serious bouts of anxiety, due to an overload of external and internal sensory stimuli in the brain. This can lead to temper outbursts, agitation, pacing and irritability, which all result in stress. 


Is there anything I can do to manage the symptoms of autism?

The answer is “yes”. If you have autism or care for someone who does, hypnotherapy has been found to be extremely effective. Traditional therapies tend to rely heavily on medication and actively encourage autistic people to suppress certain behaviours. 

Unlike these therapies, hypnosis for autism focuses on helping people access and utilise their “self-regulating” capabilities. Put simply, hypnotherapy helps people with autism to help themselves. 


How can hypnotherapy help me manage autism symptoms?

Hypnotherapy can significantly improve many areas of an autistic person’s life. By attending a few hypnotherapy sessions, you will start to notice a major improvement in your confidence, self-esteem and sleeping patterns. 

In addition, hypnotherapy will help you to discontinue behaviours which are considered “inappropriate”, banish feelings of low self-worth and help you deal with depression. 

During hypnotherapy sessions, I am giving you practical tools and techniques to effectively manage your stress and vastly improve your mental well-being. These tools will help you better cope with the daily challenges of living with autism.

If you or a loved one would like to better manage the symptoms of autism, feel free to contact me today.