What is the Magical ingredient that makes some organisations constantly exceed personal bests, increase sales and net profit, perform exceptionally, and create outstanding results?

A company with One Vision working together toward a common goal

When we look at these high performing teams we see the same underlying three critical factors again and again:

  • Team members truly understand and have chosen their own personal values.
  • Team members know and understand the corporate values and vision and feel they make a difference, they are valued and appreciated and see their personal role as integral and significant to achieving it.
  • Team members’ personal values are in alignment with the corporate values and vision so that they support and dynamically fuel each other.
Corporate Consulting

Corporate Values Alignment Program (CVAP)

Aims to create alignment between all employees, this increases trust, connection and empowerment, the hallmarks of a high performance team who usually have the following in common when they are faced with a challenging goal.

  • All members are committed to achieving that goal, respect, trust, care about and are loyal to each other, each willing to take risks and make difficult decisions.
  • Creatively collaborate, advise each other, listen to each other, work through issues and solutions and value the outcome.
  • Individuals take for granted they are personally accountable for the result, positively focused, feel valued and appreciated and enjoy going to work – making a measurable difference to the company.
  • If this sounds like you company well done! If not, the time is now to start moving towards making it happen.


NLP Coaching programs

Corporate Value Alignment Program CVAP

Empowered Alchemy Magically transforms your Company with an effective Values Alignment Program (VAP), which begins with a Values Assessment. First, we gather information about your organisation from every level to ensure we know where we are starting. Our then focus will be with the Senior Executives and Officers.

The core team that inspires and guides the direction of the entire organisation must know and understand their own values and align them with those of the company. We provide you with tools and techniques to achieve that alignment. The more congruent and consistent their actions are with those values and beliefs, the more they will inspire loyalty and productivity.

Next we work in conjunction with those Officers and Executives to replicate the process with middle management during a weekend or two day program. These are the people who must lead the implementation of the corporate vision and positively inspire their employees to daily productivity and efficiency.

1 Day Magical Transformation Team building Event

Finally we bring management and employees together for a one-day dynamic team building event where they are introduced to the information, tools and insights management has learned and they have an opportunity to build the increased trust and connection that is necessary to begin the final phase. Then, management will utilise what they have learned to continually train and guide their employees to stay on course utilising materials we design specifically for your organisation.

Your team will enjoy achieving exceptional results together. Standing united, One Vision - One Team, Magically.

Double your income in 30 days!

Do you work in sales? Are you self-employed?
Are you running the marathon of your life, with one foot on the brake?
Do you have the desire to make more money but feel something is holding you back?

This process is a one on one Breakthrough session with you to show you a way of thinking outside the box and release what is holding you back so you can double your income in 30 days.

NLP Coaching for ongoing transformation in your workplace

3 Months - ideal for small businesses

For three months Elizabeth with personally coach your team of no more than 5 Team members, to align the team goals, to improve and achieve a harmonious work environment. Improve motivation, communication and complete an assessment of the team as a whole and individually. This will give you a clearly defined view of your team, which will help you improve your leadership skills, direction, motivation, and training, reducing staff turnover. The end product will be a goal the team will strive to deliver. During this time your team will have group sessions and individual sessions to develop a dynamic and in-sync team! Call to make an appointment or click here now.

6 Months – ideal for mid size business

Need an overhaul in your workplace? In 6 months Empowered Alchemy can create a dynamic happy work environment to improve productivity, create a synergy between work and home life for your team. In the six months we will:

  • Re-align the team and have the team set a group goal to create a harmonious, positive and productive work environment
  • Improve motivation and communication
  • Complete an assessment of the team using Myers Brigs 
  • Improve work, home, life, health and fitness balance
  • Time management
  • Motivation
  • Improve sales though understanding your customer
  • Break through session

9 month - for the complete corporate makeover

This is a major transformation for your company. Coaching a team between 6 and 15 members. Ideal for companies getting ready for major change either a buy out, new branding of company or float. In 9 months we can create a dynamic, productive happy work environment.

The nine months will cover:

  • Conduct a corporate value alignment with the executives.
  • Install the company’s values with the team.
  • Re-align the team and have the team set a group goal to create a harmonious, positive and productive work environment.
  • Improve motivation and communication.
  • Complete an assessment of the team using Myers Briggs and the Values instruments.
  • During the 3, 6 and 9 months Sessions, your team will have options to complete two of the following interventions on a one on one basis. One being for their personal life and one for work life.

Personal life

  • Confidence and Self Esteem Building
  • Couple values alignment
  • Finding the ideal partner
  • Breakthrough session
  • Removal of Phobias
  • Weight reduction
  • Pain management
  • Improve Work, home, life, health and fitness balance

Work life

  • Create a dynamic solution focused team
  • Change thoughts to become positively focused
  • Improve Communication
  • Goal setting
  • Value alignment with the company’s values
  • Time and Resource management
  • Motivation
  • Increase sales though understanding your customer

Magically create a company that will have a dynamic, positive team with very low staff turnover, with a common goal to deliver your product and service. At the end of the 3, 6 or 9 months you will have a clearly defined image as how your staff will Achieve Personal Bests, Increase Net Profit, Increase Sales and reduce turnover of staff. The process will end with a team-building day giving you a well-rounded, productive and happy team with One Vision for Success.

* Actual results may vary. Empowered Alchemy does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a replacement form of treatment for physical, mental or medical problems by your doctor either directly or indirectly. Empowered Alchemy’s  intention is to offer a variety of information and tools to help the reader in their quest for spiritual growth, emotional, mental and physical well-being.