January 22, 2016 at 10:30 AM


Fridays:  See Calendar for details and Booking info:

9.30-11 am


Energy Exchange:

$25 Casual

$100 5 X 90 Minute Meditations

On warm mornings and evenings you may like to experience Aqua Meditation, which adds a completely new experience to your meditation, on cooler days, meditation will be held either in the Bali Hut or inside.

Listen and you will hear

Look and you will see

Touch and you will feel

Sniff and you will smell

Stop and you will breathe

Meditate and you will connect, both with yourself and your God.

The power of prayer or meditation in group is much more powerful than done alone, so practice with a group that brings happiness, peace and like minds and souls together and your connection will be all the more powerful.

It is moments of stillness, that the noise in our head resides to allow us to hear the quiet inner connection and guidance so we can get back onto our path and re-connect, re-pair and re-direct our energies and focus on what we really want to bring toward us.

There is a misconception that meditation only brings you happy, feel good emotions and that feeling of Bliss; while this is most often the case, meditation does allow your unconscious mind the space to bring thoughts to the surface when you are ready to deal and fully resolve them.  

The doorway to success in Meditation and Hypnosis is the Unconscious Mind.  Your unconscious Mind not only holds information that is outside your consciousness, but it also manages sensations and body functions.  

Our Brain and our Mind are never ending and constantly moving, like all of the muscles in our body.  When we meditate, it does allow the brain to slow down and this results in a blissful, healing state of higher consciousness.  It is in this state that our unconscious mind becomes more heightened and often brings in solutions to our problems that we were previously worrying about.  It is in this state of heightened awareness that our Unconscious Mind can communicate with every cell in the body.  The Mind/Body connection, which scientists have recently discovered, has been known by people who connect in meditation for 1000’s of years.  Not only does information from the Mind affect the body, there is now scientific evidence that your mental processes, mental states, and mental behaviours affect all the cells in your body all the time.

Information is carried within the body in the form of electrical impulses that pass through the cells, or neurons.  Optimum health or disease is created in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, according to the vibration or level of our mind/body connection.  When we have continuous bad or low vibration thoughts, we get discomfort or dis-ease in our physical body.  If this low level of thought continues, dis-ease then takes its ugly grip on us and we then become even more stressed and uncomfortable.

Meditation is scientifically proven to raise the level of our unconscious mind and bring optimum healing to every cell in our body. Performed on a daily basis, the body becomes more aligned and operates at optimum level.  

The power of prayer or meditation is shown to either increase or reduce the following:










High Blood Pressure





Some forms of Cancer





Increased lengths of concentration


Improved relationships

Optimum Health

Inner Peace





REMEMBER: You are what you Focus on: ensure you are focusing on exactly what you want to bring toward you.  Meditation creates a space in your unconscious mind that helps you to visualize exactly what you want to have and behold.  There is no secret in ‘The Secret’; it is all energy and vibration.  If you act as if you already have it, then you will ‘have it’. It is that easy!

MEDITATE today and every day for optimum Mind, Body, Spirit health.

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