Meditation and emotional well-being benefits

May 19, 2016 at 9:09 AM

Meditation and emotional well-being benefits


Empowered Alchemy May 2016 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the very fast pace of 2016.  May is the month of Self Love and Healing your own soul, as we celebrate our Mothers or mother figures with love and gratitude for having them in our life.  May also brings toward us the 3rd Super-moon for 2016; this heightened emotion may make you feel like life is too fast. For many, you may feel like 2016 is only just beginning, as you bring towards you, what you really want to focus on, and let go, of what no longer serves your optimal highest good.

Quote of the Month

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Plato

- Would you like more time in your day to achieve what you would really like to achieve

- Would you clear away information overload

- How would you like to feel calm, peaceful and happier. 

- Do you ever feel like you are caught in the fog with headlights coming at you; not knowing where to turn? 

- Meditation slows down the brain waves and allows your neurological pathways to re-connect and re-align again. 

- When you feel anxious, stressed or overwhelmed, your mind is not functioning clearly or optimally. 

- Meditation clears away the information overload that builds up every day and contributes to your stress. 

The emotional benefits of meditation include:

  • Gaining a new insight on stressful situations

  • Gaining skills and confidence to manage and alleviate your stress

  • Increasing mindfulness by Focusing on the present

  • Reducing negative emotions

Meditation and illness

Our thoughts affect our emotions and our emotions affect our physical body. 

When our thoughts run out of control and spiral down into unhelpful negative thought patterns, they affect our relationships both at work and socially. Today, millions of people worldwide practice Meditation for a wide variety of reasons: to reduce stress; as preventative medicine; and for self-healing.

Meditation also benefits you if you have a medical condition, especially one that may be worsened by stress.

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Asthma

  • Cancer

  • Depression

  • Heart disease

  • High blood pressure

  • Pain

  • Sleep problems

  • Weight problems

Meditation isn't a replacement for traditional medical treatment. But it may be a useful addition to your other treatment.

How Can Empowered Alchemy Help?

Don't miss this opportunity to see yourself and experience these empowering benefits for you, during meditations held in my beautiful space in Elderslie. 

Places are limited for your comfort and support and regular attendance is beneficial to develop a sound meditation practice and ensure your thoughts are aligned with your actions


Please contact Empowered Alchemy to discus how I can support you:

M: 0416214582



To read the full Meditation Newsletter including how to empower yourself please click here

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Meditation and emotional well-being benefits

Hello and welcome to the very fast pace of 2016. May is the month of Self Love and Healing your own soul...

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