Energy healing is relatively new here in Australia, but it has been practised in China for a more than a millennium. The practice influences the field of energy (qi) surrounding the human body. This energy helps influence our mood and state of health, helping to fight off disease and infection.

Energy healing uses a number of techniques to influence the flow of energy around the body to create a more balanced energy flow. This makes the patient feel more energised and can help reduce stress levels, fight infection and even improve cognition in the elderly.

How can energy healing help me?

Energy healing can help provide relief for a number of physiological and psychological conditions. After restoring your body’s energy field, you will feel more positive and energised. The technique can also be used to lower stress levels, reduce inflammation and even minimise chronic pain. For more information about the range of conditions energy healing can help, give Elizabeth a call on 01416 214 582. As one of the most respected energy healing practitioners in Australia, Elizabeth can help you choose the right treatment for your condition. Alternatively click here to arrange a FREE counselling session.

Types of energy healing

We practise three methods of energy healing. The type of energy treatment you require will depend on your personal preference and the symptoms to be treated.

Crystal energy healing – Crystals carry specific energy and vibrations, with the colour of the crystal denoting what type of energy it contains. The crystals are placed on corresponding areas of the body to help tune vibrations, creating a more balanced energy flow.
Reiki – Reiki is also a type of energy healing. During a Reiki session, the practitioner will place their hands over affected parts of the body to release blocked energy, allowing it to flow freely around the body.