How Hypnosis for Alcoholism Can Change Your Life for the Better

Have you ever considered trying hypnosis for alcoholism? If you are fed up with waking up with constant hangovers, tired of not remembering what happened the night before or ashamed of repeatedly having to apologise for poor behaviour, then it might be time to pursue creative solutions. Quitting drinking, especially if it’s something that has become an integral part of your social routine or a coping mechanism for some form of trauma, can be incredibly difficult. Hypnotherapy for alcohol can help you feel at ease and break free of alcohol dependency. Hypnosis to stop drinking is a simple and lasting way to take back control of your life.

How Does Hypnotherapy for Alcohol Work?

At Empowered Alchemy, we are proud to provide hypnosis for alcoholism in Sydney. We often speak with prospective clients who are interested in using hypnosis as a means to reduce their reliance on alcohol, but who are curious about how this process works. Typically, there are three key ways in which I use healing hypnotherapy curb alcoholism:

  • Bypassing your conscious mind. Hypnotherapy for addiction bypasses the critical faculty of your conscious mind. In turn, this shift ensures that your subconscious is free to accept suggestions to promote feelings of calmness and relaxation while freeing you of the urge to consume alcohol. 
  • Accessing your subconscious mind. Healing hypnotherapy sessions can help you access your subconscious mind. This access allows you to discover the root cause of your alcohol addiction. Once you understand these foundational components, we can untangle any emotional ties you have to alcohol.
  • Giving you control. Alcoholism leaves you at the mercy of a substance that alters your mindset and leaves you at least partially ‘out of control’ of your actions, words and inhibitions. Hypnotherapy is beneficial for combatting alcoholism because it enables you to effectively take control of your behaviours, feelings and thoughts once more.

If you believe that these pathways could help you build a more fulfilling life away from alcohol, then consider trying hypnosis for alcoholism.

What to Expect from My Hypnosis for Alcoholism in Sydney

Suppose you have never experienced hypnosis before—whether hypnotherapy for alcohol or some other form of hypnotic situation—you may have some reservations about trying it for the first time. To set you at ease, here’s an idea of what you should expect from my hypnosis approach for addressing alcoholism:

  • An informational session. Your first session involves me learning more about you. I want to know about your past and present, as well as your goals for the future. This hypnosis for alcohol abuse session is dedicated to discovering your ‘triggers,’ and to uncovering what thoughts and feelings become activated when you drink.
  • An inaugural hypnosis session. Your second visit will be your first hypnosis session. This session aims to reduce your desire to drink and increase your sense of self-worth.
  • An ongoing customised plan. As every person is different, I will customise subsequent sessions to suit your needs. Some sessions are focused on discovering and resolving the root cause of your alcoholism. Other sessions will provide you with techniques to manage the desire to consume alcohol. These techniques include self-hypnosis, mindfulness and neuro-language programming (NLP) tools to help you take control of your addiction.

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